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  • Listening to: BoA- Dakishimeru
  • Reading: Lynne Ewing- Into The Cold Fire
  • Watching: My crew slowly bail.
  • Eating: Was eating yogurt, spoiling my dinner
Yup, I'm over the pneumonia episode and have gone back to school. Well, that was actually at the beginning of March so these entries are seriously behind. I have a hard time keeping this little space as a commitment. XD

Production for Hello Dolly has also started and would be going much faster if my crew would actually come. Ah well. At least I'm with friends to pass the long hours away with. ^^

Went to Megacon on that Saturday and I have decided that I would like to set up a table in the Artists' Alley at Jacon in May. I do realize that I'm not the best artist in the world and that my stuff may or may not even sell, but hell, it's worth a shot to at least do some commissions and get some extra pocket money and funds for my trip up to Washington D.C this summer.

Putting up some more art soon. Borrowing my step-dad's new camera so the pictures should (hopefully) be less blurry.

Oh, I'd also like some input as to what to display at the Con. I'll even start taking true comissions to get some pieces together. Make me draw something for you!!!
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Submitted on
March 18, 2008