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  • Listening to: Hemisphere- Maaya Sakamoto
  • Reading: Mulvaneys, you are waiting til after the con.
  • Watching: My kokeshi doll stare at me. o_o
  • Playing: The "I hope I can sell my stuff..." Game
  • Drinking: Water
Today was the second day of AFO. Sales were better, but not as fantastic as I had hoped for. I sold a few keychains, a print or two, and got a couple of commissions done, but I still think my prices might be too high. Well, maybe, maybe not. Prints are 3 bucks, postcards and buttons are 2, and keychains are 1. Tomorrow I'll probably do some more knockdowns to see where I can get and see just how much stuff I can get rid of since I don't wanna keep it around.

Aside from how I did today, my next convention (yes, I'm going to torture myself with this again.)is going to have a very...different set up. I won't tell you guys what it is just yet because the ideas are still in the works but I will certainly let y'all know what happens when I get it decided. I'll only say that it still involves cute stuff. ^^

Gotta go finish some stuff up for the last day. As always there will be free candy for all who stop by so come say hello! :D
  • Listening to: Bible Songs- Sara Evans
  • Reading: Mulvaneys, you are waiting til after the con.
  • Watching: My hands color in Photoshop
  • Playing: The "I hope I can sell my stuff..." Game
  • Drinking: Water
Okay, so my grand total for today's sales was *Drumroll*...

And that was from a friend who insisted she pay me.

BUT! I'll be an optimist. I've heard that the first day of the con is worst time for artists to make money since people are just browsing. Here's hoping that things pick up tomorrow since Saturday is usually the most crowded day.

People seemed to like my stuff though, which is a plus. Well, liked it, but not enough to buy it. Maybe they'll come back *hopehopehope*.
I'm making some fanart buttons to sell tomorrow and depending on how those do I'll try to make even more fanart. No matter how much I may hate doing it it seems that it'll make the decision over whether or not I sink or swim. ><

I'll be dressed up as "The Little French Croissant" tomorrow, just in case y'all wanted to know.

Saturday is the Photoshop panel and kokeshi doll workshop so I'll be away from my table for a little bit. But never fear since I'll still be having free candy (Starbursts for the win)! XD

Day 1 complete and 2 more to go...
  • Listening to: Yubiwa- Maaya Sakamoto
  • Reading: Mulvaneys, you are waiting til after the con.
  • Watching: My fan scatter prints everywhere.
  • Playing: &quot;The con is tomorrow and I'm freaking out!!!&
  • Eating: Nothing. I'll probably throw up.
  • Drinking: See above for details. &gt;&lt;
So tomorrow it's AFO or bust. It'll be my first time in the artist alley and I. Am. TERRIFIED. 7 anime conventions haven't prepared me for this. In fact, I shouldn't even be writing this now. It's half past midnight and I'm STILL getting my stuff prepped. Keychains to cut, prints to bag, postcards to trim, and an example binder to throw together for commissions. I didn't get around to finishing bookmarks and buttons but those should be ready by Saturday and I haven't even organized my bag or officially priced my commissions.

Yes, procrastination is indeed my middle name.

Hm, maybe if I take my plant with me I'll be calmer. Yes, Basil my dear, you are coming with me. I might even give out free chocolate. Everyone loves freebies, especially candy freebies. Just a thought.

Anyway, back to getting stuff done. I'll let y'all know how things went when I return tomorrow evening. Wish me luck!^^
Update: 7/31/09 (9:24 AM)

2,000 pageviews! :D

Havin' that nice little celebration before I head off to the con in an hour. Perhaps it's a bit pessimistic to be anticipating being eaten alive but I just can't help it.

And yes, I am really giving out free chocolate. XD

See ya guys. Updates this evening. :)
  • Listening to: I'm Yours- The Script
  • Reading: Taking a break from Mulvaneys in favor of con prep
  • Watching: People not buy stuff from my Zazzle store. XD
  • Playing: &quot;The Con is in 4 Days and I'm Not Ready!&quot
  • Eating: Going out to brunch with the family.
1- Post the rules.
2- Each tagged person must tell 8 things about his or herself (sorry, just HAD to edit that...).
3- At the end you must tag 8 people and put their icons (another edit, *cough*) in your journal.
4- Then (who wrote this? -.-' ) go to their page and leave a comment saying you tagged them.
5- No tag backs.

(Tagged by :icondancing-taigan:. :D)

Okay, let's see...

1. I love frogs, cuttlefish, stingrays, and geckos. I also love bugs but most of you already knew that one.

2. I don't like to talk about personal religion. Talking about it as a subject is fine but when the topic comes up to my personal beliefs I do my best to derail the person's train of thought. When I was little I lost a lot of 'friends' because I'd never been to a church. So just don't bring it up, 'kay? :)

3. No matter how many times they tell you otherwise, I do in fact care what people think. I act differently around different people. There are things I talk about with certain people and not with others. It's nothing personal...well, I guess it is personal since I pick and choose, isn't it?

4. I'm embarrassed that I like anime and manga and go to conventions. But that doesn't stop me, now does it? XD

5. I'm really not that interested in guys. Sure, I'll talk about it with some people, but you can never know how honest I'm being.

6. I have trouble accepting a compliment. I always feel either obligated to return the favor or like the person giving the compliment is mocking me somehow.

7. I'm a Thespian. The school year hasn't even started and I already don't feel like one. I found out a few days ago that nearly all of the troupe went on a skating trip. I feel like this means that they don't quite accept me as a part of their club. It hurts a little bit but I'll move on and hope things change next year.

8. I enjoy art but not nearly enough to major in when I get to college. In fact, I really have no clue as to what I want to do when I get there. So I'll think on it and hope something comes to me.

Tagging time!

-:iconcolorfulgreyscale: (I know Tara tagged you so just ignore this.^^')
  • Listening to: Whatever I listened to to do the survey.
  • Reading: We Were The Mulvaneys (130 pages and counting...)
  • Watching: My hands draw zodiac chibis for the con
  • Drinking: Water
1.Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Zune, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2.For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4.Tag at least 10 friends
5.Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6.Have Fun!

"Anata ga koko ni iru Riyuu"
Or "The Reason Why You Are Here Is"
Rie Fu

(This song is actually kind of sad but the title could be very sarcastic. ><)

"When It Rains"


"The World"

(Yes, I suppose the whole world is a nice thing to have in a person?)

"Theme from Flood"
They Might Be Giants

(Utter confusion. Yeah, I can get behind that.)

"Particle Man"
They Might Be Giants

(I hope not. That would be mean.)


(You don't even know...)

"Lemme Get That"

(You mean even the songs agree that I'm an overachiever? T_T)

"Blue Dress"
Depeche Mode

(Okay, that's just flat out creepy.)

"Living in the U.S.A."
Steve Miller Band

(Y'know, I don't think much of it to be honest.)

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
"Kuroi Namada"
Anna Tsuchiya


"Behind These Hazel Eyes"
Kelly Clarkson

(But none of my best friends have hazel eyes. o_o)

"Make Yourself"

(Okay, I can live with that.)

"In Love with a Girl"
Gavin DeGraw

(Excuse me? Is this survey trying to decide my life path FOR me??? DX)

"You'll Always Be My Baby"
Sara Evans

(This would be perfect except for that little tidbit of me not liking anyone. XD)


(I hope not. This is a pretty song but not exactly wedding appropriate)

"Call Me When You Get This"
Corinne Bailey Rae

(But I'll be dead. How can I call you when I get it?)

"If I Never See Your Face Again"
Maroon 5/ Rihanna

(Is it implying that my past-time is sleeping around? Thanks a bunch.)

"Help Me Remember"
Rascal Flatts

(No comment here. It's actually kind of close.)

"Yes I Do"
Rascal Flatts

(Yes, I what??)


(News to me.)


(This one works.)

"Your Guardian Angel"
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Listening to: I So Wanted- Rie Fu
  • Reading: We Were The Mulvaneys (Oh, let this be over...)
  • Watching: My computer being really, really fast! :D
  • Playing: With my new tablet!
  • Drinking: Clear liquid refreshment in a cup.
- I'm currently writing this up from my laptop. Yup, I finally got one. No now you guys don't have to hear about me complaining about hoooooowwwww sloooooowwwww the computer's being. Know why? 'Cause it's NOT! HA HA! *uberdork*

-When I went to get my laptop this evening I happened across an open Bamboo Fun tablet. Little thing was marked for more than half off just because the box was open. I took it up to the counter, the guy checked it out, said there were no problems with it, and sold it to me for $45 bucks. Mind you, these things run for $100.
So now I own a tablet. Score.

-On that note, we also got a nice all-in-one. Some how we managed to get this and all of the above for a dirt cheap price. I don't know how it happened. I just know my mom told me not to worry about it.

Yeah, I'm a tad concerned. o_o

-But this means that my pictures will look better! I can scan them, edit them more efficiently in Photoshop, or, if I don't want to do any of the above, I can just color them or draw them on my tablet (once I get used to it...><)!

-I got a 5 on my AP World History test *omgzyay*.

-I'm now teaching my mom how to use Facebook. This is gonna take a while...

-I went and saw Harry Potter at midnight in Ocoee. Good movie but can pretty much be summed up by "Watch some things get blown up, see the kids make out, and oh by the way, Dumbledore dies".
But if they ever make an Artemis Fowl movie the kid that plays Tom Riddle HAS to play Artemis. Hands down.

-I got accepted for a table in the Artist Alley at AFO. I still can't decide if this is a good idea though. Yeah, I've got stuff for prints ready and I'm prepared to do commissions but I still get the distinct feeling that I'm going to be eaten alive there.
Oh well. I paid my dues a while ago. No turning back now...
  • Listening to: Dad putting away groceries in the kitchen
  • Reading: We Were The Mulvaneys
  • Watching: The computer being reeeeaaaalyyyyy sloooowwww
  • Playing: With my freshly opened Copics
-Our home computer is officially on its last leg. Since school starts in a little over a month and the whole family refuses to go through another project ordeal lasting until 1 AM because of the computer flaking out, we are all considering a laptop for my own personal use for school. This would be a grand idea, except that not everyone has six-to-seven hundred dollars to spend on a new computer out of pocket. It makes it even harder when Best Buy would rather not help you out with a monthly payment plan. But such is the way of the American economy.

-I was going through my drawers today and found a sealed 12-piece set of Copic markers. Score.

-I discovered Sam Flax today, the most. Amazing. Art store. EVER. They sell every color of Copics and Prismacolor and Sharpie marker that one could ever want. They have as many kinds of paper as there are trees, tons of different inking pens and jars of ink, calligraphy, painting, scrapbooking, EVERYTHING. And they had Bristol paper pre-cut to artist trading card size.
Yeah, I did a little shopping. :)

-The rain today was crazy hard. But you all know that.

-My schedule is getting way out of line. I'm having to cancel things, move things around, put things in this corner while some things come into the spotlight and all of this other hectic stuff. I've had to cancel on a couple of you because my parents told me that we're supposed to be taking a small vacation. However, they can't seem to decide whether or not we're doing this, when we're doing this, or if we are, where we're going. First it was to Miami. Then it was to the Keys. Then it was to Tampa. Then we weren't going to do it at all. Then we'd have to see how things worked out. Now, we're right back where we started with "Oh, well, let's just see where we end up! Tell them you can't do anything because we might be going somewhere."
No, that's not okay! I have friends who want me to do things with them, I want to do things with friends, there's the possibility that I may be getting a table at either the AFO or Minicon artist alley.
It's only summer and I already have too much on my plate...

-On a happier note, yay, I get to draw things for people! But the list is quite lengthy so if you want me to do something for you, you're getting added to The List. Just so you guys have an idea of this, and because the list in it's entirety is still in my head, which isn't a good place to be:
>"Flailing of the Nations"- Marcie
>"Warring of the Nations"-Marcie
>"Marcifer & Sarahfer"- Marcie
>"Marcie & Sarah roleplay characters"- Marcie
>"The Irish Tea Garden"- Kaley
>"Hikari"- Tara
>"Kaley Chibi Revamp"- Kaley
>Anything else I may have missed.
Yup, take a number. But seriously, let me know if I missed you so I don't forget to do your drawing or plushie later.

-Mom is being introduced to modern technology and I have become her teacher. She's considering upgrading her phone to a Blackberry. That's another one of those things that will have to wait.
I'm drawing a kind of Chinese/ Samurai girl. I should go finish that up so I can finally get going on these other drawings for you guys.
Comment at will y'all.
  • Listening to: Decay- Rie Fu
  • Reading: We Were The Mulvaneys
  • Watching: The steam rising from my noodles
  • Eating: Thai coconut ginger noodles
  • Drinking: Noodle juice
You need to read this because I need opinions. LOTS of opinions. I don't care if you're one of my best friends. I don't care if you only watch me because you saw something cute in my gallery. I need a little bit of help.

Okay, so I want to get a table in the artist alley at the next con (whichever one that may be). I know, a couple of you are probably rolling your eyes. I've talked about this many times before. I've said "No, guys I really mean it!" just as many times, if not more. But this time I'm ready to go ahead and do it. I've counted up my pieces, I've got some money on hand, I have connections, and a rough idea of how I want to do it.

Notice, a rough idea. A rough idea because I noticed while backtracking through my sketchbooks and such that I've developed two totally different styles. Many of those other works you haven't seen simply because they're a bit older than what I've been putting up here recently. But that's beside the point. Moving on.

Truth be told, I don't know what to take with me. Hell, I don't even know if my stuff will sell. What I do know is that I need you guys to help me out with this. I need to know which of my styles you think would have a better chance of grabbing people's attention, my more cartoony and bubbly style (think those little white blobby dudes I've been drawing) or my other more anime-geared/realism style, as in the girl in my avatar. I need to know what kind of little things besides prints I could make with my artwork. Most of all, I need to know how much you think my stuff would sell for.

If I think of anything else I may need then I'll update this page.
  • Listening to: America's Got Talent in the other room
  • Reading: We Were The Mulvaneys
  • Eating: Salmon
  • Drinking: Whatever that stuff in my cup is...Hmm...
-I'm having a hard time selling those old toys of mine. You are slowly failing me, Craigslist...

-It was overcast all day so the family wouldn't go play golf. Mom decided it would be a good day to go to the mall and do clothing-related browsing. Wouldn't be so horribly boring if I could just find something in my size. Size 0s aren't exactly easy to come by. If you find them, please tell me where.

-We Were the Mulvaneys isn't as terrible as I thought it would be. It's long but I should be able to finish it in a couple of weeks. Then I can get to Kitty and Rachael. :)

-I'm trying to find those golf balls that are made of fish food so I can practice my driving in my backyard. That way I can just plunk the balls in the lake and feed fish at the same time.

-I drew some more cartoons today. I'll get them up soon enough. One of them is my first visual journal page. It's kind of messy and it doesn't have any color but I don't think it's too bad for my first intentional attempt at it. I plan to get started on some ATCs within the week as well once I get a hold of some blank white card stock instead of that parchment-print stuff I have.
Such is life. I relish the simplicity of Summer.
  • Listening to: My clothes tumbling in the dryer
  • Reading: We Were The Mulvaneys
  • Watching: My plants grow tall and happy (yes, still.)
  • Eating: Spaghettis.
  • Drinking: Water wit mah skettis.
And to that I have to say...

"Wow, I've drawn a lot."

Oh, and I'm doing this now. Go see it!
  • Listening to: Supernatural- Sara Evans
  • Reading: We Were The Mulvaneys
  • Watching: My plants grow taller by the day.
  • Eating: Trail mix and dark chocolate
  • Drinking: Bovine-crafted liquid substance
A couple of you guys have tagged me with surveys to complete. I haven't been able to get around to doing them until now, so I'll do what I can with them!
Marcie's Questionnaire
1. Your Name.
-Halston Marie-Louise Snell/ Madam Commander of the Frogs/Mudmuffin/Elfchild
2. Age.
-I be 16. Not exactly sweet, but here nonetheless.
3. Single or Taken.
4. Favorite Film.
-The Princess Bride. :3
5. Favorite Song or Album.
-It changes oh so much. Right now my repeat button song 'I Wanna Go To A Place' by Rie Fu.
6. Favorite Band/Artist.
-Once again, it changes. My favorite new band right now is The Script.
7. Dirty or Clean.
-Clean, clean, squeaky clean.
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings.
-My own? None of either.
9. Do we know each other outside of dA?
-What? Absolutely not. To me you are nothing but pixels that make up the name of ColorfulGreyscale.
10. What's your philosophy on life?
-"You'd better be nice to me. I'll be ruling over you some day soon."
11. Is the bottle half-full or half-empty?
-Depends on what the bottle's full of. If it's full of green tea then it's half-full because I would never drink it and if some is missing then someone else must have had some. However, if it is full of chocolate bubble tea then it must be half-empty, soon to be totally empty since they are so tasty.

You know, this is why people don't usually ask me to do surveys. XD
12. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?
-To an extent. It's not just you though, I've got a few select things that I keep totally to myself.
13. What is your favorite memory of us?
-"We're gonna hijack the shuttle, okay?"
But after we hijack that shuttle we can fly it to Costa Poladia, a (fictional? Pssh, nah) country comprised of the nations of Costa Rica, Canada, and Poland. Our castle is guarded by Newfies, one of which is a flying Newfoundland/cuttlefish hybrid that shoots ink out of its-

I will say no more. XD
14. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
-I don't have any so-called 'guilty pleasures'. Though I do happen to enjoy the rare chick-flic-Chinese-food-slumber-party.
15. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you.
-I like singing along to bushman-pygmy house music. XD
16. You can have three wishes (for yourself, so forget all the "world peace", etc.). What are they?
-1. I want limitless book space and money to purchase said books.
-2. I want people to realize that I'm not only cute, little, and innocent Halston and that I am actually a 16 year-old young woman.
-3. I really do want the aforementioned Newfoundland/cuttlefish hybrid.
17. Can we get together and make a cake?
-We really should make that chocolate cake that we bought at Big-Lots.
18. Which country is your spiritual home?
-Excuse me? My spiritual home? Well, I need much more than just a single puny country for that one.
19. What is your big weakness?
-I don't know how to accept a gift or a complement. I feel as if I must work to pay off everything I receive.
20. Do you think I'm a good person?
-Marcella Wood is most self-centered and grossly disfigured individual I have ever had the misfortune of encountering. Sometimes when I'm with her and we're witting there just talking or drawing I Take a good look at myself and think "Wow. Why the hell am I hanging out with that thing?".
21. What was your best/favorite subject at school?
-Right now my favorite subject would have to be Drama and/or any language, be it English or French.
22. Describe your accent.
-I have an accent? Well, Kaley would say that I certainly do but I really can't answer this!
23. If you could change anything about me, would you?
-Everything, Marcie. Everything.
24. What do you wear to sleep?
-Oh, how funny you should ask...
Ha ha, nah, I wear shorts and a cami. XD

25. Trousers or skirts?
-Depends. Pants for fall and winter, skirts for the summer and fall.
26. Cigarettes or alcohol?
-Ick, neither. ><
27. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
-The same thing we do every day, Marcie. Try to take over the world! XD
28. Will you re-post this so I can fill it out for you?
-Gosh, if I have to.
Alexa's Pokemon Survey
1. Who is your favorite Pokémon?

Absolute Favorite: Lickitung!
Kanto/Generation I: Lickitung
Johto/Generation II: Heracross.
Hoenn/Generation III: Gotta agree with you, Alexa. Gardevoir for me too.
Sinnoh/Generation IV: Okay, this is where I stopped keeping up. *looks up Sinnoh pokemon) Uhh, okay. Lucario looks neat.
Grass starter: Chikorita.
Fire starter: Torchic.
Water starter: i liek mudkipz. XD
Eeveelution: Umbreon.
Legendary Pokémon: Mew.
Starter in Basic form: moar mudkipz plz. ><
Starter at Stage 2: Grovyle.
Starter at Stage 3: Meganium.

2. Why do you like your absolute favorite?
I just do. I mean, come on, it's pink, it's silly, and it's got a fluffy tail.

3. What is your favorite type of Pokémon? Why?
I don't have a favorite type. I have ones I like from each type, but not a single category I prefer over the other.

4. If you were a Pokémon, what would you be?
Lick. I. Tung.

5. What would be the first Pokémon you catch on your journey? (Name one for each region.)

Kanto: Probably a caterpie since I'd love to have a ginormous bug crawling all over me.
Johto: A zubat since it can fly.
Hoenn: Hell if I know.
Sinnoh: No idea. I don't even know what you can catch.

6. Name your dream team. (Any region)
What is this, fantasy football? Okay, whatever. But my "dream team" would probably get me killed in Pokemon world.

7. How long have you been interested in Pokémon?
I first found out about it in like, first or second grade. My actual interest in it goes on and off though.

8. What do you value more, the games or the toys?
The games probably. Though as a kid I had the cards and toys more than games. The games were expensive for me. XD

9. What games do you have?
Silver and Crystal. The Silver version was mine to begin with but a friend of mine gave me her Crystal version when she got bored of it.

10. What is your favorite plush? Figure? Game?
Plush: I don't have any pokemon plushies anymore but I kind of want a piplup.
Figure: Oh, I don't know.
Game: Hey you Pikachu! XD
11. Name your top 5 least favorite Pokémon.
-Ghastly ('cause it's eyes are funny)
-Luvdisc (I highly doubt that even qualifies as a pokemon)
-Koffing (Just looks gross)
-Spinda (It just looks trashed)
-Mr. Mime (More like Mr. Demented-Clown-Thing to me)

12. What is your most favorite and least favorite regions?
Fave: Kanto or Johto.
Least: Sinnoh. That's where I just gave up on keeping up with things.

13. Do you like anthropomorphic (human-like) Pokémon (Pokémorphs)?
Pokemon Ginjika ftw. Since I can do photoshop now I'm thinking of doing some anthros and sending them in.

14. What Pokémorph species would you want to be?
Wouldn't it just be amazing if I could have lickitung's tongue? :3
Yeah, I think so.

15. What is your favorite moment in the Pokémon anime?
I don't have one. I haven't seen the pokemon anime since I was a kid so I don't remember much of it.

16. Which feature in any Pokémon game do you enjoy the most? (e.g. multiplayer battles, contests, day/night system, etc.)
Day/Night system. Though I am looking forward to the pokemon-follower in Heart Gold/ Soul Silver.

17. What is your favorite Pokémon song(s) (or song used in the Pokémon animé and movies)?
Kaley, quick, Pokerap! XD

18. What is your favorite Pokémon movie?
Probably the second one. Though looking back at them they weren't that great. XD

19. Do you prefer Pokémon that are powerful or Pokémon that have a good design (in other words, good looks)?
Oh, they have to be cute or pretty. For instance, I'd take poliwag over poliwrath any day.

20. Quick! What is your most random thought (that's clean) of a Pokémon doing something that humans do?
Brushing it's teeth. More specifically, lickitung using it's tongue to hold the toothbrush.

21. Tag 5 people.
  • Listening to: Policy of Truth- Depeche Mode
  • Reading: Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox
  • Watching: My basil, peppers, and onions grow tall and happy.
  • Playing: Can't play Katamari... -_-
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: Milk in my cereal
Well, okay, so it's not really 'fame' per say. Mostly I just want more people to look at my art. It doesn't seem matter what I put up or when I put it up, no one looks at it but friends. So I'm on a quest for publicity. I figure if I plaster my address in as many places as I can then I can at least get pageviews. Who knows, maybe I'll leave it up on cork boards in Starbucks and Paneras across the entire Metro Orlando area along with a scribble enticing people to come look at it.
Now wouldn't that be fun? XD
But first I need to get more, and better, stuff up. I went through my filing cabinet where I keep non-gallery-worthy pictures and found a few others that I may put up, even if they are in scraps. In fact, expect my scrap book to get really full over the next week or so. I'm going to be clearing our space in my actual gallery to make room for my more recent stuff so much of my older work will probably end up in the scrap book.
But I found some really old stuff in that cabinet. I think the oldest drawing I found (that was dated, at least) was from early 2004. Jeez. Just goes to show how often I clean that drawer out.
I'm also going to get started on some more plushie designs. But please, keep giving me suggestion! I'm pretty brain-dead when it comes to ideas right now!
  • Listening to: I Wanna Go To a Place- Rie Fu
  • Reading: Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony
  • Watching: My basil plants grow tall and yummy.
  • Playing: I might play Katamari later.
But that doesn't mean I'm actually going to go by it. XD
For instance, I should be finishing up my driver's handbook for my permit test.
Heh. Yeah, I'll get to that later. Along with my laundry and doing dishes and and fixing up my dad's mp3 player, etc...
I also need to seriously get my butt in gear and decide whether or not I'm setting up for AFO this year. If I am then I need to get some of my stuff in one place and make some more new stuff besides little blobby doodles. That, and I need to sew like a housewife and get a bunch of plushies ready.
Problem with the plushies: I don't know what to make. I can make pretty much anything you want (assuming you don't mind it being 2-D), but I don't want to waste my time sewing up a bunch of things that people don't want to buy.
That's where you guys get to help me! I need LOTS of ideas for drawing and suggestions on the kinds of plush that would sell well at a con. I'm hoping to get started on this today so talk to me!
  • Listening to: 'Puter's still whirring...
  • Reading: Driver's handbook for my permit test
  • Playing: I gave up on Pokemon Crystal.
  • Eating: I had steak for dinner.
  • Drinking: I had milk with dinner.
That's what I feel like I'm doing! Since I've gotten Photoshop I've discovered that I can use it to both draw and edit photos like it's supposed to.
But I can also fix drawings.
So that's pretty much what I've spent the day doing between chores, sewing, and reading the Big Book O' Traffic Wisdom for my permit test. I've put up quite a few new pieces (well, new on here. The newest one was done in May), but I've also gone back and done some editing on my older pieces.
Take this as an invitation to go back through my gallery and see the pictures. A lot of them were very dark and messy and you weren't able to see anything but I've done my best to fix that. I haven't gotten to all of them yet but it's pretty easy to see which ones have been fixed and which ones haven't. If you do choose to go back and take a look then be sure to go to the very beginning (page 3). I've edited even some of my earliest deviations.
More to come! ^^
Oh, and I'm not content. I'm actually feeling in more of an artistic mood but my computer is being weird again and won't let me change my mood. >.>
And I had milk with my steak at dinner. Just curious, but is that kind of like eating a whole cow?
  • Listening to: The computer doing that whirring thing again
  • Reading: Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
  • Playing: Pokemon Crystal (but It's not going very well.)
Yup, as per your request I have done your little survey. Hope all is well in the mythical and chilly Land O' Michigan (where there be dragons)! ^^

1. Where were you 3 hours ago?
-In my room clearing out space for some new books.

2. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
-Can't say I have. I considered it for a moment until the kid next to me spat his out on the carpet.

3. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
-A piece of paper in the trash, a pen, a basket...

4. When was the last time you went to the mall?
-Today for work.

5. Are you wearing socks right now?
-Socks are for losers. XD

6. Do you have a car worth over $2000 dollars?
-Not personally. My parents and Steve and Michael are the ones with the cars. Are you sure this isn't supposed to be $20,000? 2k is pretty cheap for a car unless it's a junker.

7. When was the last time you drove out of town?
-See above answer. But the last out of town trip I took was last year's weekend in Tampa.

8. Have you been to movies in the last five days?
-No. ><

9. What are you wearing (RIGHT NOW)?
-Over-sized t-shirt from 5th grade graduation and my gym shorts from middle school.

10. When is the last time you ran?
-Yesterday. Not for a good reason. I don't want to talk about it.

11.What does your last text message say?
-"The whole 'violent fights' thing worries me a bit. No, more thena bit."

12. What do you want to know about the future?
-What don't I want to know? But just for kicks and giggles, I'll throw some stuff down: 'Will the economy be resolved in a timely manner? Will I remain alone? Will I ever get to see the world? Will we ever make alien contact?'

Among other things.

13. What is your heritage?
-Exactly a quarter of each: Cherokee, Polish, German, Irish.

14. What is your favorite candy bar?
-I don't really do candy bars. I guess if I had to do one though it would be something involving dark chocolate.

15. Where do you consider your second home?
-Ocoee, which is technically my first home since it's my hometown.

16. Ever made a prank phone call?
-Yes, but it was quite a while ago.

17. Are you sarcastic?
-Oh God no.

18. Favorite color?
-Deep turquoise.

19. Season?
-Tie between Summer and Autumn. Summer gives me this kind of crazy energy rush but Autumn is much more comfortable climate wise.

20. Fruit?
-Cherries, pineapples, rambutans, lychees, apples, strawberries, etc...

21. Vegetable?
-Carrots, chick peas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, etc...

22. Animal? (not to eat.)
-Frogs, cuttlefish, sting rays, geckos...

23. What kind of fruit do you think is like you (in some way)?
-A gooseberry.
Tiny, cute, and colorful and just a tad fuzzy, but when you bite into it it's got a super tart center.

24. Have you ever been in a castle?
-Darling, I LIVE in a castle.

Pssh. yeah right. XD

25. Nickname?
-So far I've become Frog, Elfchild, and Mudmuffin. Take your pick.

26. Are you happy with your life right now?
-Ehh, you mean currently? Things could be a hell of a lot better than they are now. A LOT better. But despite the odds, I'll just hope that things get better.

27. Are you too forgiving?
-Ha ha, it depends! I'll usually forgive on the spot, kick myself for being a pushover, and then brew a silent grudge for a very long time.

28. What's your sign?
-This girl be one of them Scorpio folk. Those ones with them pinchy claws and pointy tails.

29. Do you have a birthmark?
-Slapped right across the side of my face and running up onto my forehead. But I got sick of people making fun of it so I cover it up with makeup now.

30. What do you want more than anything right now?
-I want peace. I want everyone to just calm down and realize that we're going to make it through this economic mess one way or another. Things may be tough but it's no reason to fight. We'll live. It may take a bit of time for things to work themselves out, but I'm trusting that they will.
So just chill
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  • Reading: Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett
Ah, yes. Summer. A time for enduring fierce thunderstorms, sweltering heat, and spending a pretty good amount of one's time tending to sun-induced burns upon one's skin that leave one looking like a certain large-clawed crustacean. Pass the melted butter please.
But anyway, this is my fifth day of summer vacation. So far I've spent it working, which would be fine, except for the fact that pay is a bit scarce at the moment. But such is the life of working in a family-managed business. I suppose I can't complain. After all, my employers feed me, clothe me, and allow me the privilege of having a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in. Yeah, I can deal.

Strangely enough though, I'm not bored. Not yet at least. Looking back at my hectic school year, I've learned to embrace having days where I have absolutely nothing to do at all. Even work is relaxing to an extent. The work I do requires minimal thought, allows me to work with people, and, on breaks, gives me access to free-time. On days when I don't work I have the opportunity to sleep for as long as I want, read whatever I want, and I even have time for creativity. Yes, I love drawing cartoons for people, but I want to get back to moving forward. I got bored of doing realism for a while, but it's a skill I need to get back to. I don't use it often (since I really do enjoy doodling cartoons a bit more), but I need to keep it on hand, especially if I want to get started on a portfolio of some sort.

Also, I recently got Photoshop! This means that since I can draw directly on the computer now, I can upload work more frequently! ^^
I'll still be posting pictures of my plushies (Yes, I've birthed more. Hope you've all got bomb shelters ready! :D) and maybe if I can convince *coughhasslecough* someone to let me use or get a scanner I can put up drawings again.

But we'll just have to see. I say that a lot, don't I? I'm sorry.
  • Listening to: Mixed Tape- Jack's Mannequin
  • Reading: When Demons Walk by Patricia Briggs
  • Watching: My hands draw my namesign for Junior Entertainment
  • Eating: A bowl of cereal. Yes, before a banquet, I know.
  • Drinking: The milk in my cereal.
Oh, yes. A banquet is about to happen, a banquet of the drama variety in fact. It's going to be so much fun. It's semi-formal so I get to dress up in a pretty dress (even if I don't like actually getting ready I do happen to like the end result) and do my hair and stuff like that. I'm also going to bring my pseudo-yearbook for signatures from everyone (really, it's just a pretty notebook I bought in Barnes and Noble. I don't have $100 for an official yearbook. DX)and I'll bring it Monday and Tuesday to finish up the rest of the signings.
I'm also nervous about this whole thing because of Junior Entertainment where some of the Thespians put on a skit to make fun of the seniors. I know we can have our scripts on us but I'm so nervous about screwing up my senior's character. Grrr...
Anyway, gotta go. Me getting dressed takes a bit of time.
Now, the black and gold dress or the purple dress...
  • Listening to: THE RAAAAAAAAAIN
  • Reading: When Demons Walk by Patricia Briggs
  • Eating: Dark chocolate, spoiling my appetite for dinner.
  • Drinking: Water (The kind from a bottle. Not the rain water)
I just don't like rainy days that go for (since right now and counting) 3 days straight without stopping. I've done hurricanes and tropical storms where this much rain is expected, but I mean, come on. This is like Francis all over again, the one that sat her big fat rear end right over the whole state of Florida for around a week.
And this thing isn't supposed to let up until Saturday. SATURDAY?! What's that about?! That means that it'll be raining Friday evening when I go to the drama banquet. Hell, it might be raining Saturday evening at Sophia's sweet sixteen. I don't even know.
I just know that I want it to stop.
Hm. At least I have inspiration for uber-cheesy-emotastic artwork now.
  • Listening to: The computer whirring, ready to die again
  • Reading: When Demons Walk by Patricia Briggs
  • Watching: My hands write answers to my English homework
  • Eating: Scrambled eggs.
  • Drinking: Milk. No more cranberry juice. TT_TT
Take a sledgehammer and shatter our computer into a million tiny plasticine fragments. Maybe then it'll stop whirring. Maybe then we'll be forced to get a new, better computer.
I'm simply ranting on this because (coughIneedsomethingtorantaboutcough) I'm sick of trying to do the simplest things like, oh, say, upload some new art. Can I do that? NO! Because when I attempt to do that it crashes. Music? Nah. Writing up homework assignments? Yeah, right.
So unless I can get both my computer to stop being a block of trash and I can get Steve's camera to turn on for me, don't expect to see any art from me for a little while.
Ugh, this sucks. I'm such a whiny brat sometimes. I should be thankful. At least I have a computer. At least I'm able to go to school. At least I have food. At least I have a house. At least I'm breathing. At least I'm...*begin self-flagellation mode*
  • Listening to: Omigod You Guys- Legally Blonde The Musical
  • Reading: Watchmen
  • Watching: My hands draw little faces on scrap paper
  • Eating: Was eating cereal. Not anymore though.
  • Drinking: The milk in my cereal?
So I got to stay home from school today. Yup, thank you, nightmares for letting me have only an hour and a half of sleep last night. I also hurt all over because of the self-defense class yesterday, but that's beside the point. I'll probably end up spending today catching up on the work I'll be missing in class today, maybe see if I can coax my camera into letting me put up some more artwork.

Staying at home when you're not sick is boring. Yeah, I hurt and I'm still a little groggy, but I'm not sick at all. Oh well. At least I'll get to do some of that housework I've been meaning to get done. That is, if my body agrees with me. Ha ha, we'll see. Oh, and I finished my musical for playwriting! I'll put that up here in case anyone wants to read it and I'll also post the playlist that goes along with it in case you don't know the songs (it's Boston).

But if anyone wants to talk to me, please call me or IM me. Keep me company. I'd appreciate it.