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Ain't Gotta Chance
Ah, look.
There he goes again.
What's that, dear?
You want him to look at
Ha, What a laugh.
Sorry, honey. He's too busy with them
Summer girls.
What's that you say?
What's a summer girl?
They ain't you,
That's for sure.
In any case, they ain't me
You wanna BE one?
You so funny, you know that?
Even if you was he
Wouldn't look at
Nuh uh, love.
Not a chance.
Hup, up up!
Now don't you start 'cause you know I'm
Sip your drink now.
Calm your pretty self down.
Thata girl.
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Chrysanthemum- Act I
The lights brighten on a sitting room of ancient oriental design. We are in ancient Japan in the era of the samurai. The back wall is constructed of cream-colored silkscreen and the SL side of this wall should be a sliding door. Painted in black on the screen are several different nature scenes: the twisted branches of bonsai trees, snow-capped mountains, swimming koi, and a pagoda. The furniture in the room is simply crafted in dark wood and rests low to the ground. It is nighttime and there are several tabletop lamps glowing. While the craftsmanship is not openly luxurious, we should still be able to know that the residents of this home are of nobility. CS sitting on a silk cushion at a table is LADY ASAHI, who is in her early fifties. She is dressed in an autumn kimono, decorated with plenty of orange, white, and gold and is combing her very long black hair while singing softly to herself. All is peaceful until two men barge into the room from the sliding door, panting
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Don't Look Back: The Musical
Don’t Look Back: The Musical
Set to the music of Boston Greatest Hits
A new & somewhat original musical by Halston Snell
It is a dark and rainy evening in the city. It is not stormy, but rather cold and drizzling as people briskly cross SL and SR holding umbrellas and newspapers over their heads to stay dry. The back drop cut out of the city skyscrapers is cast in silhouette against a dim blue light. SL is a park fountain and a bench occupied by a homeless man braving the rain. Taking center stage is the interior of a gloomy and badly-lit brick-walled bar, the kind of place where potentially shady deals are done. Above the bar is a badly maintained and minimally furnished flat, darkened at present. Neon signs, many partially burned out, advertising various brands of lager and spirits hang about the walls, the only aesthetic element in the dive. A motley crew of patrons inhabits the establishment and blocks our view of the bar CS: burly bikers sipping beer, throwing darts, and shoo
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