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Whoa!!! A new process video!?  You can find the raw, sped up process footage of my latest Hellboy fan art piece at:  

I'll be following up with a commentary video along with some of the new brushes I've been messing with.
Also, thank you to everyone who left feedback and comments on this piece!

More in the woyks,


My YouTube Channel:…
Hey Everybody!

This Month's SketchBomb will be held Saturday, April 6th.  Like always it will be at the Grove at 3rd and Mission in San Francisco at 8 PM… , but wait there's more. With PaxEast, GDC, and WonderCon being right next to each other the Sketchbomb Crew has been a bit busy. We are setting up the next Sketchbomb for April. Did you know this next sketchbomb will mark our 3 year ANNIVERSARY?!!! So there will be prizes and surprises you may not want to miss it!!! We will be raffling off art and other cool stuff, as well as letting people know about our goals as a sketch group going forward. Well that's enough of that See you at Sketchbomb !!!  .  

SketchBomb is an open-invitation to any artist of any skill-level to come out and have a good time and sketch.  Post any questions you have in this journal so we can get it all out in the open.

How it works: We usually alternate between timed themes and free sketching and we always have Show and Yell so people can check out everyone's work.

The Grove has been super-awesome to us but it comes at a cost....  I want SketchBomb to continue to bring them business and great vibes, too.  They have good food, beer (but you don't have to be 21 to attend), and a bunch of other stuff so we all need to get a few drinks or some food or whatever to thank them for the roof (and so we don't over-stay our welcome).

It'll be a good time!  See ya there!

Team SketchBomb

Hey Everyone!

Early Bird and Friends, the sequel to Booyah's Early Bird, is now available on the App Store!  

This project was worked on by :iconvontoten: :iconhyperboy: :iconiamosi: :iconfrogbillgo: and :iconzatransis:

Hit the image above to check it out.

AND be sure to check out the Trailer… !

Hey there!

Not too long ago reached out to me for an interview. Here's the… to our conversation and be sure to check out the other artists while you're there!

Hey hey!

I've received a bunch of requests for a full walk-through for my painting process and finally got around to cranking one out!

Here's the… !

I didn't want to just post a video of sped up footage, so I tried interjecting breaks of me explaining all techniques I used during the process.

I hope this helps!


PS: Sorry about some of the weird music editing... first time editing with this program heheh.

Hey Everybody!

Last year Mike and I (AKA Big Menace Industries ) started working with Booyah on a new zombie-based town builder for iOS.  Fast forward to the beginning of 2012 and Ryan and I officially joined Booyah in-house.  We're super-proud to say that No Zombies Allowed is now available in the iTunes store:… free to play so no excuses!  Ha!

Mike :iconzatransis: and I :iconfrogbillgo: did a lot of initial conceptualization and later was involved in the finished product.  The other main artists on the project are Petur Antonsson :iconpetura: (Buildings, Backgrounds, Title Screen, Etc) and Jake Hallstrom (All things animation).

Keep your eyes peeled for art postings related to this project in the near future.  We're already working on the next major update, so I hope you dig the current game.  A lot more is coming!


Hey hey!

Some of you may have heard that Michael Bay is working on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. (…  ) Well, after hearing that he plans to change the origin story to making the turtles aliens instead of mutants, a couple of co-workers and I started wondering what else Bay may be inclined to do in this film. We've been coming up with a bunch of predictions so we decided to log them all in a blog.

Here's the link!:

We're hoping this will evolve into a decent checklist / source for a bingo card generator when the movie comes out…

Hello hello!

Some of you may know that :iconzatransis: and I started up Big Menace Industries ( ) last year, but as of about 2 weeks ago, we've made a huge, new jump in our career paths. We're now both working full-time with Booyah! ( ) We're really excited about joining the Booyah team especially since we're now working side by side on some awesome new projects with:

:iconvontoten: Bob Strang
:iconiamosi: Erwin Haya
:iconemersontung: Emerson Tung
Jake Hallstrom
:iconpetura: Petur Antonsson Ryan Jones

So what does this mean regarding Big Menace? Basically, it just means that we're no longer available for contract work that will be used directly in video game production.

But have no fear- more artwork and games are on the way, and I'll be sure to keep all of you up to date!

Hope everyone is having a great new year!

Annnnd We're Back!

CTN was AWESOME. If you've never been to this con, you love art, and are looking to network, you should check it out! :iconzatransis: and I had such a good time that we have already signed up for next year. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by our table. It was great meeting you guys!


This week is the CTN Expo in Burbank, CA!  Big Menace Industries will be there in full effect! Plus, it's our first time there, so that makes it EXTRA exciting! :iconzatransis:  and I  :iconfrogbillgo: will be at table T-84. (Just look for the banner I just posted ;) )

Come stop by and check out all the cool stuff we are going to have.  I'll have a bunch of new prints and my ashcan sketchbook.  MEANWHILE!: Mike will have both FaceBomb 1 & 2 plus prints.

We can't wait to to meet you guys!

Commissions for this week have been filled up! I will be sure to post more openings when they are available :)

Thanks guys!

Hey there!

Now that I've finished a couple side projects and have a break from traveling, I have a small opening for a couple commissions until October 19th... then back to more traveling and work haha.

So! If anyone is interested, send me a note specifying the following info for an estimate:

-Subject? (Sorry- not accepting anything past a PG13 rating)
-Head / bust / or full body shot ?
-Linework or colors?
-Full scene requests will need a description (Number of characters and background elements)

Ahoy hoy!

Video 3 is up! This one is based off of requests given to me from the previous videos. Main subject: "Perspective Pointers"

Here's the playlist…

... and here is my channel…

Thanks guys!


Thank you so much to all the people that checked out my last set of videos and awesome feedback. I had a blast putting together the first video.. so I cranked out another!
This time the theme is "Photoshop Tricks / Techniques"

I had a couple requests from the last video- and will be sure to incorporate that stuff coming up :)

I had some major quality / video compression issues... but hopefully I got it all worked out in this new batch. I made playlists on my channel (bottom left) to make the videos continually play back to back.

Playlist link ( I think- haha):…

and channel link:…

Thanks again guys! More stuff in the works :)

Heyyyyyy heyyyyy!

I finally got off my ass and started up a You Tube channel based on tutorials! hahah :)

The first (well actually second video) i have up is pretty, kinda, really important for those trying to import their line-work for digital painting.

This… shows you how to set your lines up to start the painting process. I have a drawing tips video uploading now.... (I'm new at the whole video / tutorial thing- so hopefully it will be posting soon...)

The tutorials will be broken up in parts... so I apologize for any abrupt editing haha.

My channel link is:…

If the videos are super boring... let me know.  If there is something you want me to address specifically.. let me know.  I will be tackling as much of my process as I can think of. (Paints, environments, Photoshop techniques.....etc.)

Aside from that... more in the works!

Hey guys!

...Been a crazy week and I am excited to cap it off with Sketch Bomb!

Like always it will be at the Grove at 3rd and Mission in San Francisco at 8 PM. SketchBomb is an open-invitation to any artist of any skill-level to come out and have a good time and sketch.

For more info, you can also visit: :iconsketchbomb-sf:

See you tonight!

WOoO! Sketch Bomb SF is 1 year old!

So- if you are in the area, join us at 8:00 tonight at the Grove (on Mission and 3rd in San Francisco)
The usual suspects will be there  :iconfrogbillgo:  :iconzatransis: :iconceydran:  :icondarkkenjie: :iconjusscope: :iconpumaboy3d: :iconglenmiles: and more!

For more info, check out the San Francisco Sketch Bomb page: :iconsketchbomb-sf: !

See you tonight!
Hey hey hey!

Back from Emerald City Comicon! It was AWESOME. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth and joined us for Sketch Bomb. After the con, I've decided I need to get my ass in gear and start posting again 0_0 heheh.

I have a bunch of new stuff on the way!!!

whoa! it's been a whirlwind of craziness around here- hence my 4 month absence :( More posts coming soon but i just wanted to jump on here real quick and let you guys know that i will be setting up shop at the EVC Press table in this weekend's Emerald City Comicon! Hope to see you guys there!

Hey hey!

Man...I'm really bummed about not being able to make it out to the Sacramento Sketch Bomb last night- a crazy rush deadline hit me at the last minute :( ...But on the lighter side, :iconzatransis: said it turned out great! I'll be sure to get out to one as soon as possible :D

Other news!

-As of this morning I am a proud new owner of a Dell 8100 Studio XPS! This should be of great help in speeding up higher quality work :)

-:iconzatransis: will be hanging out at APE in San Francisco- Check out his page for table location and details :)

-Not sure if I will be able to stop by APE, BUT I will definitely be at the Sketch Bomb afterward! Info can be found here:

Hope to see you guys tonight!