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Been doin' a lot of plein air oil painting lately. (Still fairly new to it... so I don't think I'm ready to post examples juuuuust yet haha) But I'm incorporating a bunch of the stuff I've been learning into my latest digital pieces.
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At least it's not Pac Man.

Great job; love the shading.

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"... ... ... ....  ...  hudjoooooeh! ... .... ...."      "wtF!?!"
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happy almost birthday
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I love your pieces because they’re so wierd with no explanation
TheonknownKLAW's avatar
So Orange... So Friendly!
JMDurden's avatar

Hey, about about you...uh...back up out of my space here?

zayler's avatar
hello friend!
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Reminds me of the scene in The Iron Giant when Dean opens the door and finds the Giant there waiting for him.
dragonsans101's avatar
Now that you say that I can see it
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Reminds me of "James and the Giant Peach"
Scoutter's avatar
Is this one a "little big planet" ?
TriciaS's avatar
Exquisite!!!......would love to open a book with that inside!!!
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I have no idea what that is but if I ever see this in front of my window I'd be like:


frogbillgo's avatar
haha until it tries to squeeze into the house 😆
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Thats so cute!!!!
elizbay's avatar
sure...his yours
CMVreud's avatar
"Daaa~d, look what followed me home. Can I keep him?"
frogbillgo's avatar
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Cute and beautiful.❤
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It's cute but also kinda... ominous.
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Yeah, I’m not sure what I’d do if I was in that cabin 😳
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