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The Bus

By frogbillgo
Man this one took a long time haha.

I take the bus a lot in San Francisco and sketch a lot during the longer commutes. Here's one of the images I took to finish.
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This looks amazing.

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Nice to see art where an old lady is smiling for a change.
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Love it...I used to ride the Bus as well, So this is nostalgic for me...Again the movement...You always hit the spot with it. 
rkamalart's avatar
fantastic characterization, the tilt gives a great sense of well.
Sevani-Ag's avatar
Very goooood! XD 
Darc-Strideman's avatar
Absolutely beautiful color and expression! And not just here, on most of your work as well!
vozzz's avatar
this is amazing! Im working on a personal project which has a granny as a main character. So hard to find cute grannies like this to practice drawing with.
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Love the colours and the different levels to the piece. 
HarleyGreen's avatar
Wow, very original and great atmospheare! :D
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man! you speak my dream! :/ can I draw like you? I'm computer engineer and I don't have annnnnny academic training of drawing... How can I get close to you... I wanna draw :') my heart wants it... what should I do..? How can I satisfy my heart? btw, greetings from bangladesh! :D
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Not only the quality of the painting but the humor is what I appreciate more. Congratulations!
huodi's avatar
This is wonderful. Just wonderful...
pencilsketch13's avatar
love love love this
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Wonderful! It's not often that I come across a piece of artwork that has such a good, happy feeling like this one (: Keep up the good work and God bless!
bluespottedfrog's avatar
Awesome, love the detail and lighting.
reticle2020's avatar
This is awesome! Very Pixar feeling!
ChibiKristal's avatar
What a cute pic!
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Drawaholic1124's avatar
I'm born and raised in The City and this totally captures what riding the 14 Mission feels like.. LOL! Fantastic work.. beautiful colors... I LOVE IT!!!!
frogbillgo's avatar
Haha thank you- really glad to hear you dig it!
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