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Smith The Fire Blob

Smith the fire blob is able to shapeshift into a wide variety of forms, but holding a viscous shape takes a good deal of energy. If a fire blob needs to take a more solidified form, however, they can self-ignite and harden up to a consistency stronger than steel. Smith uses this to his advantage in combat by shapeshifting and forging parts of himself to create shields, spikes, blades, etc. Smith aspires to be more like humans, so he dresses with tight wraps under his clothing to help hold shape while remaining flexible.  
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Looks like Hellboy crossed with the Joker from season 4 of Batman the animated series.
LoverLuRayman's avatar

I really like its design! :D

But I want to ask, on which he side is : good, bad or neutral?

Matrick22's avatar

Move over hellboy we got gelboy

frogbillgo's avatar

Haha glad ya dig it! ... And glad it made some kinda sense lol.

Cardbordtoaster's avatar

Trying to explaining slime biology is always a trip.

cool stuff!

frogbillgo's avatar

Haha, yeah I sat there and wordsmithed this thing for a bit :) Was fun to make!

AntiVillain1's avatar

Looks like Megabyte (ReBoot).

frogbillgo's avatar

Oh whoa! You're right!!! haha ...Subconscious nostalgia trip I guess.

bigfootRULES's avatar

thats what i was thinking!

That's a very interesting idea for a character. I like his design - he looks strong and tough.

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NetGreen123's avatar

Ohhh thbis is a rally Cool Creation~!

frogbillgo's avatar

Thanks! I had a lot of fun workin' on it :)

Rajdgrrr8's avatar
This is your OC?
frogbillgo's avatar

Yeah, just kind of a fun character creation exercise. I love creating blurbs and backstories for pieces I make:)

Rajdgrrr8's avatar
Nice idea... I like it.
Writing-in-the-womb's avatar

So cool! Nice design and concept, I love it! X3333

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CaptainVArt's avatar

A sentient blob with key hardening abilities through igniting. Nice.

frogbillgo's avatar

Glad ya dig it!... And glad it made some kinda sense haha :)

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