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Elven Soldier

By frogbillgo
Heyo! I've been trying out a bunch of new methods lately. This guy started off with a mix of photo bashed underlays and grayscale-painted roughs. Once I got my composition down, I then painted this guy up with some crazy awesome brushes I picked up from Kyle Webster's Gumroad. ( )

More in the woyks!
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Dude-in-the-box's avatar
Looks like an half-orc/elf.
MrTuke's avatar
Quite a hard nut of a dude. Awesome artwork, my good sir. :)
Prowdz's avatar
I like it but he reminds me more of a monkey man than an elf D:
DarklightXIII's avatar
hey dude really nice work, could I use this design to make a 3D character? ofc I would credit the F out of you :D
JoshawaFrost's avatar
DUDE!!! You crushed this!!!
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Fabulous character!! :clap:
TheMightyDM's avatar
Makes me think of Jak 2 so much.
avancna's avatar
You plan on resurrecting your comic about that kid cowboy luchador?
therealantboy's avatar
Did you post this to the Brainstorm group on Facebook?
frogbillgo's avatar
Nope- Not sure what that is exactly...why do you ask?
Faithfeather's avatar
oh awesome! so badass x3
Faithfeather's avatar
x3 you ish welcomes xD
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FelipeCagno's avatar
Pretty crazy and cool!! Awesome work, Ryan :D

How you doing, bud???
frogbillgo's avatar
Thanks man!! I've been doin' well and keeping busy with some projects..... aaand probably playing more Dragon Age Inquisition than I should haha. Hope all is well!!
FelipeCagno's avatar
That's great, bud! I would love to get you involved with some of the comics I'm working on, if you'd have time around March/April, I'd love to commission a pin-up to include in my next book in our "Special Guests Gallery" :D

It's going to be for the next book of the series "321: Fast Comics", the first one was already released in Brazil and now I'm running a Kickstarter to publish in the US, give it a lookie if you have a second, Ryan, just head over to…

Great catching up, man!!
TheTurinator's avatar
God dammit, I wish I was half this good...Big Fool Emoji-30 (Mah feelz hurtz) [V4] 
frogbillgo's avatar
Just keep crankin'! :D  I've actually been on a huge tutorial binge lately... Mainly checkin' out other artists' techniques on Gum Road and has given me some great results.

Here's a pretty big list I've only scratched the surface of:…
VonToten's avatar
by the way, what set did you go with? I like what the brushes did on that bg
frogbillgo's avatar
I got the Mega Pack. Totally worth it. I'm also thinkin' about trying out the halftone brushes.
VonToten's avatar
Nice!. by the way you have got to to stop painting pictures of me, this is getting obsessive.
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