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Avengers Card Scarlet Witch



Scarlet Witch!

More in the works :)
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Scarlet Witch: It's over, Gladmane!

Human Gladmane: Ah yes, the famous Scarlet Witch of the used to work with someone else...Quicksilver, am I right?

Scarlet Witch: Don't you dare speak his name!

Human Gladmane: As it turns out, I have an associate of my own...

*Target steps out of the shadows*

Human Gladmane: Target has come a long way from here...A LONG WAY...and he's eager to put his talents to good use in my service.

*Target throws several shurikens at Scarlwt Witch, but Scarlet Witch just vaporizes them*

*Scarlet Witch throws an energy blast at Target that knocks Target out*

*Scarlet witch uses her powers to paralyze Human Gladmane*