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Me and Math

bah, I hate Math XDD

Made this because...I'm bored.:3
Aaaaand, this 'style' is stolen from :icondark-kita: god it's so much easier to draw chibi's this way, and they still look funny XD

dam dam damm.....aand I haves this weird habbit. Ever since I learned a little bit a japanese, I just can't stop saying those words.

I had to write that "kore wa nan desu ka" 8D I'm an Idiot. I can't find out more to say.:3 Bath time, Bye-bye~
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wolfhound56200's avatar
I completely reckonize myself , in this XD
ImmaFirinMahLazar's avatar
I feel the same way. XD
GingaWolfFan11's avatar
i hate math too,i dread going to it!
EmeraldsJuran's avatar
*puts a flame torch to math* NUU! IT WONT BURN!!!!!!!!
Frodse's avatar
DDD:!!! No dammit! lol XD
EmeraldsJuran's avatar
but omg im soooooo happy! i got an exemption on my math finals!! PARTY!!!!!!! :boogie:
Theblackfox12's avatar
*hugs you* I feel your pain im passing everything but Geometry.
Bogrolls's avatar
That is exactly what I am like with maths! I am rubbish at it!
Frodse's avatar
X'D I hate math!
Bogrolls's avatar
Yeh me too! I am really bad, but I did try!
Laras-hjoorne's avatar's me :O_o: hah, good job Frodse :D
Frodse's avatar
XD thank you
Stormchaser-Thorne's avatar
exactly how i feel about maths! I just CAN'T get it!
At least i never have to do another maths lesson again! :p
Frodse's avatar
ohh lucky you 8D
Kakashi-Hatake-7's avatar
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Blahh math sucks D: I know exactly how you feel :XD: 'what does that mean' lol xD I always love seeing your drawings.. especially the chibi ones 8D I just love the very bottom one :lol: makes so much sense : D
Frodse's avatar
wahaha XDD thanks!!
The bottom-one is so much like me when the teacher tryies to learn me something d:
But he is very kind and tell's everything again LOL
KingdomSpiritWolf13's avatar
I don't like math ether but, this drawing is funny! Keep it up! xD
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cagedwolf's avatar
I am in the same boat, but now it is starting to make sense to me. But I still hate math. Damn the person who created math. Damn him to eternal marathon of Teletubies. Mwuhahahahaha.
Frodse's avatar
Ohh I can't do anything but Agree with you 8D
Naime8's avatar
yay frodse, show the way of the real school heroes! we....the coolest people who don't understand a single word of 2+2 X';)
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