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Friends from Labyrinth

Acrylic, 45x35
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I like these friends, i wish i could relate to the mystery story here...
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How this only has 212 views is a mystery to me... Why is it that all this shitty animu ripoff art gets thousands of views no matter how poorly its redone, or how rehashed it is, but work with actual artistic merit, like this, is all but forgotten?

You should consider checking out You'd not only have a larger audience there, but your work would be appreciated and genuinely critiqued in order to help you improve [this is not a dig at you - everyone can always improve, no matter who they are]. DA has the opposite effect on people, and their artistic "talent" tends to stagnate...
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These seem to me to be secrets like I just walked into an old attic that has been stagnant. Old secrets but with the embodiment of little pale gremlin things. They kind of look like child-hood imaginations. The long noses seem like they like to tell you things and are mischievous. They want you to play (green marble thingys) with them and seem like they need a lot of attention. Maybe you like to hide here? Great piece. There's a feast of visual contrast and the content itself (to me at least) seems to be chillingly playful and cute. Genius.
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Wonderfully surreal as always. ^_^
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The simply detail so nice and the colors don't match but yet they blend together so well! It's just fantastic what you come up with!
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Beautiful work again,I love your painting style.
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amazing work as usual
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