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Maybe you've always wanted to try a craft but never found an excuse to? Or you want to try something new? Well this is your chance, we're inviting you all to join us for a fun contest involving all the artisan crafts!

For this contest we want you to pick an artisan craft you've never tried before and do something with it. You can choose whatever craft you prefer and do anything with it, the only condition is that it needs to be completely new for you. If you need help picking one you can find examples and tutorials in the Artisan Crafts ABC.

  • You must make an object using any artisan craft you desire, photograph it and upload it to the appropriate Artisan Crafts gallery. Also you need to submit it to the Artisan Crafts Contest folder.
  • The work must be your own, using tutorials or resources is allowed and encouraged but you must credit them.
  • The craft must be new to you, and preferably far from what you already do (eg: crocheting and knitting are too close). Anyone caught cheating by trying to pass something as a new work will be disqualified from the contest.


The contest will run from now until July 29th. All entries must be made and submitted between June 29th and July 29th.

  • First place: 1 year subscription and 2000 points
  • Second place: 6 month subscription and 1000 points
  • Third place: 1000 points

Plus features and whatever else we can get along the way :) if you would like to donate a prize contact us.


Judging will be based mainly on the effort and the craft chosen. Since we know everyone will be a beginner we won't place too much weight on perfection, but we still want you to do your best work! The judges will be the Artisan Crafts CV, we will probably ask some more people to help :)


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When will you make the results public?