August AC challenge 'maps and lost places and amp

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Julys AC theme is over, but a new challenge is here!  I'll be judging the winners some time after this weekend. :) 

This moths theme is a difficult one, it's " maps and lost places!"

Recap of the rule

Welcome to the Artisan Craft Themed Challenges. Every month the Artisan Craft volunteers will announce a “theme” for the month.  At the end of each moth a winner will be chosen by ^FrockTarts .  The winner will get 2000 points This month's theme is “
maps and lost places”.

Here is a re-cap of the rules

This will not get you a DD.

The rules: 

Send your deviation to ^FrockTarts with the subject “monthly AC theme”

The deviation has to have been submitted between the first and last day of that months theme.

It must fit the current months theme.

It must be uploaded to the Artisan Craft gallery (it can be in any of the sub categories found in the AC gallery) 

It can be any medium, so long as it is Artisan Crafts.)One submission per deviant

This month’s theme will go form August 1 to September 20

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so, can anyone join this? because it looks really fun owo
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Is this a challenge your hosting yourself or is there a group to join first? The challenge sounds amazing and I can't wait to try and make books on this theme. Unfortunatelly (or actually not exept in this case) school starts on semptember 3 and I'm gonna study more than is supposed to be possible (150 %) so maybe I wont have the time to do anything. But it still sounds amazing and I'll try to join if I can. :D
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yeah, the CV's host this one, so no worries about joining a group or anything :) i'm the same way; school just started for me yesterday, and i'm already swamped in work! :XD:
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But I'm looking forward to be swamped in work. =P I'm been unemployed for two years now and that isn't... so much fun. And now I'm gonna study history and to become a history teacher. Really looking forward to that. ^^
Good luck with your studies.
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Hi, on behalf of #AnotherContestGroup I (~knittywitty) would like to list your contest in our journals [link] It will be added by the end of the day (latest). We are a super group devoted to promoting contests on DeviantART. Please send a note to #AnotherContestGroup about any changes to your contest, future contests, other contests you are aware of. We also offer a Winner’s Package for the winners of your contest.

You may note us if you have any more questions, but be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page first: [link]

Thank you!
:iconknittywitty: :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconacg-pointsdonations:
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I've mentioned this journal in :iconartisancraft: latest news blog [link]
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September 20?!? The idea that popped into my mind will take more than 30 day but Sept 20! Cool!
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Yeah, my mod hat come of Sep 26, so I thought just going that long would be bet, :)
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Oh that's an awesome theme.

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