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Welcome to FroadsPond!

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Welcome to the Pond!


FroadsPond hopes to create a community of frog-lovers based in character creation and development. Froads live in the world of Amaris and come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes!

We are DeviantArt and Discord based. You must have a DeviantArt to own a Froad and a Discord to participate in our community! We also have a World to collect all our Froads!

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Links are broken, so im unable to ask diffrently... how does event traits such as plant growth work in lore?

I think I recall that lorewise, even in personal lore, froad without celestial would not count as potencial magic user, but I might be wrong

Froads without magic-related traits aren't magic users. Event Traits are the same way, unless an Event Trait is a magic ability (Summoning Shadow Creatures). Event Traits with Plant Growth or other manifestations are just non-magic traits.

What links are broken so we can fix them?

Curious, how do we submit a new froad for approval? Do myo's expire?
Hey there! You can either submit your Froad to our approvals journal (it's the "Approvals" button on our homepage) or to design-approval channel in our discord. From there, staff will work with you so your design is approved, and once it's approved, you submit it to the journal with the button labeled "Submit MLs" on our homepage.

MYOs do not expire and will always be kept on our masterlist, even if you decide to trade them or work on them for a while.
hi! is the short limbs trait obtainable?
Sorry for the wait!
Yes! You can add the short trait with Rubber Plant from the upgrade shop :DD
Is the froad shop ever going to be linked back onto this page?

Also just a simple question if three traits have already been purchased by a pervious user, if they myo is traded can the new owner purchase more traits?