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Windows Se7en Pack 2

By Frnak
Windows Se7en Pack 2 - From the creator of Vista Aurora and Flowy

Images included

Logo - Logo + Text

Widescreen Resolution

2560X1600 HD

Regular Resolutions

Glass Logo made by =Flahorn [link]

Get Windows Se7en Pack 1 Here: [link]

~ Frank 08

*Please do not distribute or use the wallpaper for your own work without consensus.
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Dreaminginneon1985's avatar

i mean the win symbol

Dreaminginneon1985's avatar

the logo is from longhorn

evasketch's avatar
You may notice or not, but you've used my Longhorn psd glass logo without any mention. Was it so hard?
Frnak's avatar
Geez, I'm so sorry! I pulled this out of my resources folder without actually looking at who made it.

How would you like to be credited?
evasketch's avatar
it's ok, just make a link to my da page in your description ;)
Frnak's avatar
Done. My apologizes again.
''Can I use it too in my package'' Is a question
Can I use it too in my package? xD
Can I use it too in my package, it is comming:
I am adding more things to make it better :D
how can i download it? im newb here ):
ears1991's avatar
Love the colours!
BellaAle's avatar
I like logo and logo + text, but... what about no logo and no text at all?? =D
Frnak's avatar
Its coming ;) Stay tuned
zep3's avatar
Awesome pack :p
featured on [link]
Frnak's avatar
Thanks for featuring once again ;)
24charlie's avatar
really awesome
maoractive's avatar
This one is awesome!
moclovneerg's avatar
You're not dead! :ohnoes:
Frnak's avatar
lol, I'm not dead, just a deviant whos been coming on to dA at random times =P

How are u Shaina? :)
moclovneerg's avatar
I'm great!
How about you? :aww:
Frnak's avatar
Spectacular =P
Although I have to say school is being a that I have Biology and Chemistry both advance placement.... -_-
At least the weather here is getting better, its not -6387294658 °C anymore, more like 4 °C.

Hows school on your side of the world? lol
moclovneerg's avatar
AP Bio AND Chem?
SWEET DEAL! :thumbsup:
I wish I could get into classes like that. =(
But alas, I am too lazy. XD
School is, as always, awesome!
We're having elections this week, and my friend is running, so I'm hoping she gets the position.
There are like, thirteen people running against her. :o
Classes-wise, it's all good.
We just finished our fetal pig dissections in Biology and I took the test today; I hope I pass it. :please:
And we're doing Moby Dick in English.
The class is just watching it, but I always think the books are better, so I'm reading it.
I like it so far. :nod:
That's about it, sir. :salute:
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