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Windows Se7en Pack 1

Get Pack 2: [link]

A Windows 7 Wallpaper for all you interested in Vienna ;) The unofficial logo concept was created by Long Z. See his blog at

Images included
Widescreen Resolution


Regular Resolutions

The size stays as it is, I cannot make a higher resolution :( sorry
*please dont ask for bigger or wider sizes...i generally delete my psd file after making these packs..and for me to change the sizes i have to remake the entire wallpaper all over again to avoid low resolution walls. Thanks :)*

See you all very soon!

*****NOTE****** - After seeing that this deviation being copied and used MANY times without permission on DeviantART, ANYONE that modifies this wallpaper for other uses WILL be reported.
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Are you Spanish?
windows 7 pac veri nice
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best hosting
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I didn't mod this. o.0 The image I got was part of a transformation pack.
Ok, thank you, the pack is comming :D
Good work, :pride: can I use it in my Sev7n Inspirat pack?
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sure, but please credit and link to my deviation =)
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Bro, can I use your wallpaper for my new Windows XP logon?
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sure, just credit me, and link back to the original wallpaper
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Before that, can u change 'windows se7en' text into downward because the logon screen will locate in center area. One more thing, make it in 1600*1000 px. :D
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Sorry mate, originally PSD is lost due to a hard drive failure. :(
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Darn, that is one quality wallpaper.
If you ever have a chance to resurrect it or rebuild it, (and I know you said don't ask for other sizes), but a 2560x1600 version would be appreciated.

Maybe 2560x1600 versions of your future work?

This is definitely one of my favs.
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Great job! just a tad to bit bright..or it might just be my monitor ;)
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lol, I agree, but I guess it conveys the meaning of energize :lol:
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heheh energize!! and my monitor is way to bright already, i set the brightness to 0 and it is barely comfortable *sighs* modern monitors *sighs*
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were would i put this stuff on C:\Windows\????????
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its just a wallpaper, right click on your desktop, select properties or in vista, personalization, then choose wallpaper, and browse where ever u downloaded this to. hope that helped :)
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