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If Famous Painters Made Dresses by frizzymissizzy If Famous Painters Made Dresses :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 27 2 Madam Nyotei by frizzymissizzy Madam Nyotei :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 6 0 Madam Nyotei and The Great Andrico by frizzymissizzy Madam Nyotei and The Great Andrico :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 22 2
The Deathworkers Agency
The most annoying thing about death is all the paperwork involved. Every morning, Lyle and I make the trip to the warehouse to sift through today’s files and see whose soul we get to summon and send into the light.
“Harold Lassiter, aged eighty-six,” I read from the list of names. “Heart attack. Leaves behind a loving wife, Katherine, and a German shepherd, Goober.”
“Maya Hernandez, twenty-one,” Lyle adds. “Car wreck. Leaves behind a little sister, Leslie, and an absent father. I think I remember her mother somewhere…” He glances around the massive warehouse, at the rows and rows of filing cabinets detailing the fates of billions. Other interns scramble around us, trying to make sure they get to all of our clients on time. Hanging above, a clock the size of a semi truck ticks away the seconds.
I remember first walking into the warehouse at Deathworkers Agency. The place is so big that, in my three years here, I have yet to fi
:iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 87 20
Jeannie Faraday by frizzymissizzy Jeannie Faraday :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 8 0
The Candy Shop
The candy shop showed up near the end of April, planting itself in the abandoned yellow building on the corner of Millard and Oak Grove. By the time May drifted to a close, the boarded-up windows had been washed and lined with pink curtains and someone had planted a garden in front that inexplicably bloomed to life in only four weeks.
Mary Elizabeth and I were some of its first customers, though she’d only come along because I had been curious. “Aren’t candy stores for children, Annie?” she’d asked. “We’re going to high school in a couple months. I know you still like to order from the kid’s menu sometimes, but what’s wrong with, you know, doing grown-up things?”
A bell rang over the front door and the candy shop came to life. Lights around the front sign flashed while the flowers opened their petals wider. A sweet aroma wafted into the street.
The door opened and there stood a man tall enough to have to duck through th
:iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 34 29
Dancing by frizzymissizzy Dancing :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 57 15
Into The Marshes
Mama once sayed not to go down to the marshes because the snakes and monsters and creeping crawlies live there. They gone eat you up, she says, gone eat you up like a sundae on Saturday morning.
What you think Donny Two Cents and I gone do on a boring afternoon?
We gone down to the marshes.
“You don’t think this real bad, do you, Squeaky?” Donny Two Cents asked me. Boy is scareder than a fish in a crocodile pond. Makes me scared too, but I ain’t never telling him that.
“Course I don’t think that, why you ask?” I snapped back. “We gone to the marshes to look for the Oogey Boogey Man.” I raised my arms real high and grinned like one a them crazies you see down by St. Ann’s. They just walk around in circles all day in St. Ann’s fenced in yard and sometimes stare at the sun.
“Oogey Boogey Man?” repeated Donny Two Cents. He already trembling, that shakey boy. If we filled him with pecans he’d be a walking ma
:iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 180 86
Sebastian by frizzymissizzy Sebastian :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 16 3 Christa by frizzymissizzy Christa :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 66 14 Shutterbug by frizzymissizzy Shutterbug :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 9 3 Christa and Sebastian by frizzymissizzy Christa and Sebastian :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 17 3 Run! by frizzymissizzy Run! :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 14 0 The Ringleader by frizzymissizzy The Ringleader :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 16 0 Acid Jazz Singer by frizzymissizzy Acid Jazz Singer :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 13 3 Henrietta by frizzymissizzy Henrietta :iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 64 27




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United States
Hi there! I'm a cheerful sophomore in high school who likes banana splits and mismatching socks. I have a dog that I love to the ends of the earth and I just got a new set of colored pencils that probably won't last long. w00t!

Current Residence: usa
deviantWEAR sizing preference: extra extra small
Favourite style of art: Doodles and scribbles
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob, Bullwinkle, Ferb Fletcher
Personal Quote: "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." ~Eames, Inception
Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been totally active lately--I just started college as an Industrial Design major and it's kicking my butt--but thank you all so much for the DD for "Into the Marshes." I am so honored and will get to answering all your comments :)

Hopefully, I'll post more often when things calm down a bit, but in the mean time, I've still been writing here and there. I've even finished a novel (Clockwork Star, which I posted a rough first chapter of a while back though I've since put the deviation in storage) and if all goes well I'll start sending it out to literary agents. Any tips on writing query letters/starting out in publishing are totally welcome. 

Hope you all are having a great year so far!



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