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Volume I

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My Tiny Life: Chapter 2 - UnicornThe sweet smell of Unicorn Jizz filled my nostrils as Kali entered the bar from the rear entrance with me in hand. Don’t worry… Unicorn Jizz is an actual drink that we serve at the Unicorn, and honestly it’s quite delicious! The Unicorn has a variety of “specialty” drinks that it serves it’s millennial frequenters. My personal favorite is the Hellicorn, a blend of fireball whisky and ginger ale with muddled limes and angostura bitters!
Kali entered the backroom and set me on the table, as I walked behind one of the tissue boxes and began to get into the birthday outfit that I wear. My job here is a variety of tasks, but most notably would be my birthday routines. Basically I doll myself up and am placed inside a birthday cake, and once I’m “served” to the birthday guest I make a surprise reveal and sing them happy birthday along with the staff. Most tables join in, leaving the birthday guests blushing or laughing as they watch me tw

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