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Dylan is mysteriously shrunk among a pile of Ibuprofen pills. Will his step mother and step sister find him? Or will he be swallowed alive...

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Published:   |  Mature
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GiantessSisterAndBro's avatar

Damn bro, that actually made me cry, like, i have tears rn

slivereyes12's avatar

yea it was really sad

NickSzalinski's avatar
Good story although I'm not a fan of the part in the stomach!
Frizzle-Official's avatar
Not everyone is, which is why I typically try to keep those type of endings at the end of the story so people can opt out of reading them. Digestion death is my favorite however, so they are usually in every vore story I write lol. Glad you enjoyed the rest of the story though ^.^
pedromito180's avatar
One of the best stories I ever read 
Frizzle-Official's avatar
Thanks for reading!
hersnack's avatar
An old fashioned unaware vore story . These were very common on the net years ago ,but rare now. Well Done.
Frizzle-Official's avatar
lleexxyy88's avatar
Would love to see this type of scenario with a wife and daughter
Frizzle-Official's avatar
Not sure why I didn't catch this comment sooner... But yes actually I've been meaning to write an unaware Mother/Daughter scenario where the daughter is shrunk on a plate of raw meat and the mother unknowingly cooks her daughter and eats her. A bit hardcore, but I've also had another scenario in mind, idk. First I need to start actually writing again, cuz right now I've just been posting previously written patreon work to the general public. I've actually been on hiatus for months now x.x
johnmann157's avatar
Woah this is really great.
Frizzle-Official's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it!
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