A Shrunken Dilemma (High School Giantess Game)

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Hola, if you weren't aware I am working on a text adventure game! I technically started the project over a year ago and got sidetracked, but now I'm back and I'm nailing content into it more than ever! Check it out :)

Play the game here: **EDIT**

This game is on permanent hiatus. Due to the issues of errors occurring from crossing the online editor with the PC editor I've shelved this game for the time being.

I'm now working on a new game, of which I plan to be even better and also have an artist Tbeeer (on DA) doing the artwork for the game! I won't post a link to it yet however if you want updates/previews you can join my discord for more updates. Link below.


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Awesome! But one important question off topic: When are you going to continue your stories? Just curious cause they are great

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I no longer have an interest in writing fetish stories, I am now writing a book series I plan on publishing. I know people hate to hear it but I just don't enjoy writing the content anymore. I'm currently preparing to start a 2nd text adventure game though, details on my discord.

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Thought it was abandoned soooo happy u continued
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Damn, I thought the game was abandoned long ago. Can't wait to try out the new interactions as this was one of my favorite textadventure games (up there with the original Shrunk at School!)
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Well boy I have great news for you.... In the middle of a huge freaking update and I mean freaking HUGE. Like, it'll more than double the already existing deaths/interactions once it is finished! I'll be posting updates here to my DA.

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Wow! I've tried this one before but I don't think I realized it was you who made it!

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Yeah it's me :)

Currently working on a huge new update! WHOPPING!

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Oh my god, when I engaged the first boss the sound scared the hell out of me, lol. I was like "Ooooohhh sh---"

Wasn't expecting that! Great surprise! 
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I'm told that a lot haha! People saying they jumped out of their skin haha. I feel that the music really amplifies some of the cutscenes/events that happen in my game.

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