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Hello Prospectors!

I haven't done a new Taggy Goodness in a long time, and I'm bored and want to fool myself into thinking I'm being productive by spending 30 minutes answering questions that even if read will be forgotten about 10 minutes later and generally achieve nothing but waste everyone's time, mine more than any =u=

I need that shot of dopamine so here I goooooo

stolen from Aquatic-Angel

-Did you change at all this year?
In 2018? Sure. I like to think I became more responsible, but I also think I found my appreciation for Japanese animation over the course of the last year (the stuff that is good anyway) and that tends to result in a lot of wasted time sitting in front of the tele. BUT, the more you see, the more you've seen it all, and the more bored I get with Television the more I get back to working on comics, so that trend will hopefully continue =u=

-Did you dye your hair?
Nah. I haven't given it much thought really. What would Fritzy with different coloured hair look like? I feel like white might be neat, but also very strange. I think I prefer sticking with the natural look ;3

-Did you get your hair cut?
I always need a hair cut. I bounce between halfway-down-the-neck and comparatively-short-compared-to that. Never a mullet though. Curse those unholy things. I DO wanna get a new haircut, change my style up, but if my unwillingness to dye my hair tells you anything, it's that I'm scared of changing my look via my hair : 'D I'll build up the courage one of these days

-Did you get good grades?
Been out of high school since 2012, out of college since 2017. I give my Smash Bros results a solid D+.

-Did you drive?
Yep. Though not as much as I want to. Gas costs money.

-Did you move at all?
three times in fact, most to temporary lodgings while I went about helping the family build a house. Just moved into my new room a couple weeks ago actually. I'm decorating it with kind of a "world culture" theme and filling it with all sorts of foreign trinkets. I've got a chabudai with zabutons in the middle, a world map on the wall, and wooden chairs made in Africa I'll be putting in the corner ouo

-Did you go on any vacations?
Not this year. All the money needed to go into construction and rent and what-have-you. I'm planning on taking a trip in the near future though. Haven't settled on where yet, though I want to go to Norway and Japan c:

-Did you meet any new friends this year?
I am meeting people constantly. I made a couple friends this past year that I've talked with semi-frequently. Like Rubi and YogurtM. As well as a few people I already knew that I began talking with more often, like lia;quo, Flak, and EternityAwaits c: I'm a social butterfly sometimes =u=

-Did any of your friendships end?
The nature of making lots of friends constantly is inevitably some friendships quietly end. But then, those friendships were often really loose to begin with. It takes time to form a true lasting relationship, and those don't come about very often online.

-Did you dislike anyone?
There are always people I'll disagree with, even people I don't get along with who at times I tend to dislike. But overall I can't say I "hate" anybody. I just can't come to agree with some people sometimes. whether through faults of my own or their own. I think it's impossible to NOT dislike anyone, but you certainly don't have to hate anybody. In the end, you should always love the person, even if you dislike their personality or attitude.

-Did you make any new enemies?
I don't have any enemies. Ask the people who don't like me though and you might get a reasonably accurate list of people who consider me their enemy though.

-Did you resolve any fights?
Sure, or at least I try to. I can't recall any real fights online I've been involved in over the past year, but I've certainly worked to resolve issues outside of the world of the internet with varying degrees of success. The ones where I am at fault are the easier ones to know how to resolve, they are just hard to force yourself to do.

-Who was your closest friend? -
WAS? You make it sound so past-tense XD In the last year though probably Starzy, Chuu, Jastrian, and Lyde, which are more or less the same people that have been my closest friends for the past 5+ years.

-Did you grow apart from anyone?
See answer on friendships ending =w=

-Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?
I wish I could share God's word more often. Sometimes I get too scared of loosing friendships that I need to remind myself that I love my friends more than my friendships, and it's worth risking a friendship to try and point another friend to Christ.

-Have you had your birthday yet?
Last year? yes >u> This year? I got a little over a month to go, baby ouo

-Pulled an all nighter?
Early last year I pulled an all nighter. Drew comics the whooole night that later ended up being the only thread I ever posted on 4Chan. It was an Ask Starlight Glimmer thing I called "Ask Glim Glam" that managed to stay super wholesome despite where it took place.

-Drank Starbucks? i
Nope. I don't really care for Starbucks. I liked their white hot chocolate for a while but then I got tired of it. There are Starbucks in some of the bookstores I go to regularly though, and sometimes I'll sit at their tables while reading, but I don't order anything.

-Bought something(s)?
Many things. Started collecting some of my favorite manga after I got past the whole "reading right to left" thing. I also like eating out at nice restaurants >u<

-Met someone special who changed your life?
Not that I can think of, though all the people I meet impact my life a tiny bit c:

-What are you thinking about?
How I'm gonna answer this question. And now pondering if that answer was just a cop out answer. and now wondering if I should include a "real answer" after this somewhat joke-y answer. And now I really gotta pee, brb.

-Would you get married if you could right now?
Sure, if I had someone to get married to XD I've always wanted to get married and have kids that I could try to raise up as best I can. The only girlfriend I've had to date wasn't too keen on the idea of marriage or kids though from what I could tell, and while we didn't talk about it much, I feel like that would have been a point of contention between us had we gone further in our relationship =P As of now, I am single =w= Just waiting to see if God eventually leads me toward the right woman someday~

-How did you feel when you woke up today?
I forgot to set my alarm but still woke up around 8:45 AM and felt mildly proud of myself >u>

-Are you good at hiding your feelings?
Sometimes I think I can fool anyone with a smile when I'm feeling down, but apparently people tend to see right through me XP So probably not. It's a lot easier online where people don't have to see your face or hear your tone of voice, I'll tell you that ;P

-Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend?
Disagreements of one kind or another sure, but I can't think of any time I had a big falling out with a close friend. Definitely not a best friend as far as I can remember. I tend to have very few of those and I am choosey about them.

-Do you like to have long hair or short hair?
On me or other people? XP Cause I think girls can look really good with long OR short hair, but not TOO short >w> As for me I've always liked having.... MILDLY long hair? Not LONG long, but below the ears often. Short is ok, I just don't think I look like myself when I have short hair XP

-Would you be able to tell someone you love them, even if you didn't feel it?
I experience this all the time with my brothers when we disagree XP I like to think I can, but I understand it can be hard sometimes ;P

-Which of your friends do you argue with the most?
lol, maybe Starzy? But we like, hardly actually argue. She and I just spent so much time together that we were bound to break all my personal records XD

-How many texts are in your inbox?
No idea, I've never counted and don't really want to =P

-Who was your last text message from?
It was actually a wrong number ouo They wanted to know my opinion on artwork that was being sold at a charity. Of course I gave my opinion before informing them that they had the wrong number XP

-Who was the last person you rode in a car with?
My brother. Second youngest, not youngest. We drive down to the snack store sometimes for junk food c:

-Who took / made your profile picture?
Starzy, Aquatic-Angel, I've had it as my icon here on DA since 2011 and I don't plan on changing it

-Would you rather smile over a lie or cry over the truth?
I'd always rather struggle with knowing the truth than to live blissfully believing a lie.

-What’s on your bedroom floor right now?
A bunch of comic pages I drew for Archie Sonic Online, as well as some pages for my own comic I plan to release this year. A bookmark, a hoodie and toque that I forgot to pick up when I came back from my walk, and my zabutons of course :D

-Do you trust people too easily?
I tend to act like I trust people when I meet them, but in reality I am very cautious to trust anybody until I've gotten to know them better. Still, every new person I meet I put at least a little faith in them since I don't know them and can't make a judgment call on their character yet, but I never COMPLETELY place my trust in them. People need to earn trust, I don't make a habit of giving it for free, though I'll still always try to be kind about it~ c:

-Are you satisfied with what you currently have in life?
Yes. I am satisfied as long as I have Christ. Sure there's always things I end up wanting, but if I woke up one day with absolutely nothing, I can at least know I can't ever wake up without God.

-Last thing you ate?
Taco salad! :la:

-How many people are you texting?
Texting? Not many. Chatting with on Discord and Twitter? Too many.

-Will you be in bed within twenty minutes?
Nope, I still got at least 4 hours ;D

-What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?
Alchohol is gross. I had 2% milk uwu

  • Listening to: Music Is A Movement - Auvic
  • Reading: Houseki no Kuni
  • Watching: March Comes In like a Lion
  • Playing: With my art supplies :la:
  • Eating: The taco salad is starting to make me thirsty
  • Drinking: I literally just answered this ;u;


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