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Okay, but imagine someone buying one without the other.

Hi. My name's Frist, and I'm here to break your heart!
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Someone posted this drawing on my twitter today when I posted a photo of my figures together. I wanted to tell you how much I love your art style and I find this picture both tragic and adorable! Keep making great work! 
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Haha, thanks :3
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Ah yes, the thing with living toys....personally I like to imagine a scenario where they don't become active when still in package...and do not neccesarily take on their canon personalities, especially if there is more than one toy of the character they represent in the collection. 
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And that's how they'd look in a Toy Story setting!
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I wanna get Shinning but I don't really like his expression...
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That's just depressing; why would Funko / Hot
Topic separate these two? They belong together.
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But they are sold separately! Muhahahaha!
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Now that's clever marketing.....and on my next paycheck will be getting them...
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I bought TWO Cadences. For Chrysdance shipping =D
muahahaha, that means there are TWO husbandhorse with no waifu!
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And then there's the Spike Funko, sitting all alone in a warehouse with no company...
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I think stores should put this picture up to encourage people to buy them both for more profit for the store.
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I'll have them reunited soon!
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Toy Story 4 tease!
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buying both of them shouldn't make you feel any better about partaking in the pony export and slave trade of Equestria...
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Awwww! ;3; I'll be buying them together when they hit the shelves, since HT always has BOGO50 sales. :)
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Too bad, I'll still only buy one.
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And I am among the many that have to buy both of them now.  Manipulated by the feels yet again.
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NOooooOOOoOOOoooooo! Mai Waaiiiiffffuuuuuuuu!!!!

Dem feelz ... :( :( :(
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Oh god it hurts :( I can't take it, don't worry I'll buy both of you its ok.
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Seth did.
Poor Cadence.
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