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My Bio

Hi, I am an unprofessional pixel placer. I like designing and drawing animals, but drawing fanart is nice too.

My ultimate goal is to draw environments and concept art, I have a long way to go.

In my spare time, I like to work on programming in hopes of building useless robots like Michael Reeves... or be a total lazy ass and watch anime and play games all day.

Favourite Visual Artist
A lot
Favourite TV Shows
The office, Breaking Bad
Favourite Games
Hollowknight, League of Legend(I think), Katana Zero

Art improvement pathway(?), a guide by a noob

Art improvement pathway(?), a guide by a noob

I've been watching a lot of tutorials on Bilibili(an Asian version of youtube), there is a lot of useful art tutorials on there, so I figured I'll summarize what I've learned and share them here . First, FUNDAMENTALS ARE FUCKING IMPORTANT. apparently, you need to learn, perspective, value, lighting, composition, colour theory, anatomy, and probably much more. That's a lot to take in, and there is no way you and I can practice and master them all at once. so, we have to target them one by one. Perspective tldr; draw rooms to practice perspective this is a prominent factor that affects ALL of your drawings(i think) once you master perspective, you can draw simple objects better under perspective, and if you can draw simple objects, you can draw complex objects better under perspective, which is basically what you need to draw creatures, humans(hentais) and environments. if you intend to draw things in this universe, since everything is affected by perspective here, perspective

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Frisky-Tern05New DeviantFeatured

Comment under here ^^

LoomifyHobbyist Digital Artist

I love your character designs, and was wondering if your commissions where open?

Frisky-Tern05New Deviant

Thank you so much!! Unfortunately, commission is not open right now. :)

DoodeedoodahHobbyist Digital Artist

:D Thanks so much for the fave on

FR - Freyr

1: how did you come up with that art style?

2:have you got any tips for making an art style?

3: you should have ALOT more watchers than you do Because your art is amazing

Frisky-Tern05New Deviant

kjkka thank you! well, I'm surprised you even called it an art style, it's so generic lol.) my "style" is a mix of a lot of other people's styles, I look at them and I take what I like and apply them to my own drawings. it's mostly a mix between mucknagabe, peach-water and ONlONS. I have to add though, don't stress over developing an art style, get your fundamentals right and your art style will emerge eventually ^^

TheForeverQueenNew Deviant

Nice art, i love the art style. rainbow heart