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WoW - Myth Mount - DawnSaber

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1) This is probably the wrong category, but couldn't really find a category called 'screenshots'

Myth Mounts of World of Warcraft

I wanted to share a few images regarding World of Warcraft mounts. There really is no true screenshots of some of the mounts I wanted to display. It was my goal to share some of the mounts with people who have never had a chance to see them. I'm also doing this to see what information people know of these mounts.

From what I understand, there are many mounts created in World of Warcraft that were designed and even coded into the game, but never implemented on a player level. I do not know why. It is my theory that these mounts were in Beta/Alpha testing but never transfered over into the WoW we currently know today. If someone knows information, again, please share :)

This mount is the DawnSaber
Some notes about it: Nothing outstanding to share. This however is my personal favorite. I LOVE this cat.

The mount does not have any special 'gear' to it. (IE No whistle to summon or reins). It is a spell that will show up in your spellbook. Further evidence to this being a beta/alpha mount or even just a design maybe for future ideas, is the fact that it has NO RACE attributes. IE: You do not need to be Alliance to ride these cats.

Name DawnSaber Mount
Mount Level - Lv60
Mount Speed - 100%

Disclaimer: I will not say where I got these screenshots, but I want to first say this is my character that was hosted on a stress-test non-live server. Blizzard holds all rights to the graphics/designs/world of warcraft talk..etc.

Screenshot©Melissa O'Brien 2008
Characters/Design/Mount/Stuff©Blizzard Entertainment.

Thank you ~MajorCooke dragging me over! He's the one currently teaching me how to GM. Yehaw. :heart:
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DemonKing18Hobbyist Digital Artist
Isn't there a unarmored cheetah mount, like an orange cheetah that was only available for less time than the Ancient Frostsaber and all those others? I coulda swore I saw a video of one on a public server, I could be wrong though.
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Blue-UnciaHobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, this category is fine. Screenshots from games are only allowed in scraps. :)

This is a pretty cool mount. I wonder why they didn't implement it instead of the new 60% mount.

Also wonder what else is hiding in the bowels of this game. XD
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CheshireLillianHobbyist Writer
=( i want one, not fair
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AzhiDahakiHobbyist General Artist
There isn't a category because taking a screenshot isn't art.
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Where did you get that ride?! It's beautiful!!! :wow: lol this makes me sick of riding talbuks =P
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ropa-toHobbyist Digital Artist
You be happy to know this mount is now on PTR Patch 3.2 :D
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As an epic or 'regular' mount? I know they generally try to balance out the epic/non epic mounts as balanced.. and there are currently 4 Epic, 3 Regular.

I thought the PTR notes listed a 'Striped Dawnsaber'... Not a 'Dawnsaber'?

Have you seen it in game?
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Hogya Digital Artist
For patch 3.2.0 they will be adding the 'Striped Dawnsaber'

I suspect it will pretty much look like this, plus stripes, minus the gear (There haven't been any pictures released, officially, that I know of and I do not believe it is in the PTR yet).

It is going to be a new Night Elf 60% mount and will be available at level 20 due to the new mount and riding skill changes.
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MMO Champion posted a photo last night. Unfortunately, while it's a very pretty mount, it's nothing like the Dawnsaber above, or the Golden or Tawny Saber. :/

Maybe we'll still get lucky and see them as Horde-cats.. Or high elf or blood elf mounts.

Striped Dawnsaber: [link]
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hehe the Night elves have now got a new mount...Lvl 20 mount (blixxard lowered it 20 lvls for both...lvl 20 for 60% and lvl 40 for 100& and lvl 60 for flying mount)

the Night elves have got the Dawnsaber with no gear...lvl 20...60% speed :( I've been trying to get to lvl 40 for my mount lol...and druids get their Travel form at lvl 16 I think it is now not lvl 30..gggrrrr

But anyways great pics ^^
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Not the same dawnsaber.

The dawnsaber that made it in game is a tiger with a dun colored body... :)
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yeah...but it's still really cute ^^
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The Dawn-Saber, as well as other mounts such as the "infamous" Bengal Tiger, are all mounts that were available in Beta. For some reason or another they were removed, and Blizzard is unsure whether they will ever be in place in actual game content again.
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that things is badasss
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DovebiteHobbyist Writer
OMG I love it..... *cries inwardly cause it's not available* I always knew they had other mounts that they weren't giving us!! *sighs* Oh how I want a tiger like these.... *grumbles* One of these days, I suppose...
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Awh I wish they had these available for purchase in the game :(
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lilenaHobbyist Digital Artist
wow that is pretty!
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I've seen a couple of 'myth mounts' using WoW model-viewer: a program available which lets you model, pose and impliment every character, wearable item, pose, emote, action, mount etc in the game's coding :)

I'm not sure why they don't use them in the game.. but I guess you can't give everybody ALL the goodstuff on the first go-around, huh? Hahaa..

They are still implimenting some of the mount skins that could be seen in model viewer and on the private servers through things like the trading card game codes... mainly the orange and black striped tiger that is now availlable through the codes which had previously only been stationed mysteriously outside Gadgetzan and not available in the actual game ;D

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So the Bengal Mount is coming to Card? -- I thought it was a pure Beta as the item is 'Reins of the Bengal Mount' in the Alpha/Beta coding.
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Oooooh sorry... :) I got a little confused.. I think the Spectral Tiger is the TCG mount....

The nearest you get to bengal is the Swift Zulian I think..
frisket17's avatar
Yes. Spectral Tiger is a TCG mount :)
And actually, I'll take a screenshot of the Bengal from the file-system. It's a really nifty mount. There's also a giant jaguar/leopard (looks like the druid's travel form)
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Yeah.. I've seen the leoppy mount skin in the model viewer... I really wish they would impliment some of the unique skins a little more frequently.. that would be vair cool.. XD
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KrizpieProfessional Digital Artist
This one's gota be my favorite too 8D it's super spiffy with all his gems and and armor 8D
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