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Pern: High Reaches Patrol

By frisket17
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Practice piece I did of a Pernese dragon (gold) situated in the High Reaches mountains.    We shall name the gold, Vorsath.
One of the only/first pieces I've done start to finish on the tablet.  Trying to get more comfortable with it.
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OMG this is so incredibly epic!!!
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Wow... I forgot about this series. This piece brought it flooding back to me! Well done!
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So happy to see someone make art of pern. Its been a while since i read any of the books though. I really need to get back into the series.
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I thought it would be another great piece by you, and I was right! :D Looks really great! Pernese? Is this somehow based from the Dragons of Pern book series by any chance?

I didn't realize that this was a practice piece, very impressive even considering that! ;D Tablets... I've got a small one, I call him Dust-Collector.... lol Not really, but I should try to work with it more too. I DO prefer pencil and paper for most drawing though. ;) Something about that tactile sensation of pencil over paper. The most I can do with my lil tablet is my signature, drawing? Ehhhhhhh not so much, yet. LOL I'm in awe of even your "practice" pieces. Great Job! ^_^
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Great book series.  Amazing job on this.  ^v^
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Man, I haven't read Pern in forever... Good memories :)
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I really need to get back into Anne McCaffrey's worlds again. It's been a long time since
I last read about the dragonriders of Pern. >.<;

Also, sweet art. :D
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