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MSPaint Puppy

It's cliche. To say it isn't would be a lie. I've been holding off on uploading it only due to the fact it was done at work and I don't have the proper tools to resize it... as it is a massive bmp file.

I'll fix the size once I get home from work. Now. The image was just a doodle I did while at work during the training period -- on off time during the day.

Done with the mouse in MSPaint. Enjoy clicheness.
Loosely based on my mount in WorldofWarcraft

Image©Melissa O'Brien 2007
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Love it, but did you save it as a Jpeg? I defiantly want that puppy!
Tanoshiix3's avatar
lol rabiieess~

Nice mount .-.
canislupusthewolf's avatar
wow in paint check my pic i did in paint, not as good as yours but i try. fav*
TanyaWolfMystery's avatar
MS Paint??? But you used the curves tool right? haha XD thats an awesome pic! Lol. Can't believe you did it with Paint lol XD
SpottedFire1's avatar
lol thats a cute "puppy"
momara305's avatar


wait nvm :O

you has now officially become one of my most fav artist :B
failia's avatar
In paint... this is just amazing
Flicka-babe's avatar
I am amazed that you could perfect that so amazingly in paint. This is an exteamly great piece of artwork. You must be very talented.
ll-Nightwolf-ll's avatar
That is amazing with paint O_O
LethalCheshire's avatar
I /love/ the teeth.
Snowflakeytherat's avatar
You did this with a MOUSE in PAINT? Holy crap.
Akio-Black-Moon's avatar
this is so cool ^^ great job
Asairo's avatar
MS Paint? No way. o_x That is brilliant! God, unbeleiveable. o: Excellent! *flop*
Rhino0's avatar
WOOT! Frisket plays WoW!
I play on AD. :)

I just did a piece in mspaint. Hard to do, but fun, none-the-less. Hardcore werk!
Afi-kins's avatar
Awww hes such a cute! <<3333
LuniKogasLove's avatar
Aaaahhhh coool! A puppy! What a cute puppy!
Eyes-Of-Crystal's avatar
omg.... in paint?! WAY better than what would take me years! the skin on the nose is really lifelike... great job! :D
Foxtrot-wolfwhistle's avatar
That's amazing! And sooo cyote X3
SilverRaven101's avatar
That's quite good good for paint. Well done.
Aurifex's avatar
OOOOOO~ Who's the cutest little puppy-wuppy?!!!
Neko-Chiba's avatar
amazing work!!
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