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Free Template - OMG Floofy

I'm trying something I've never tried before. Due to a lot of kids wanting to use my art and my characters for RP Boards and the like, I figured a good way to let them use my art (and not my characters like Sutra or Frisket, who I do NOT want to see being used) was to create a template.

This way you can take this linework and color it how you want!

There is a catch though.. Rules persay for using this template:

1) No claiming the linework.
2) Post a link back to me/credit on the image stating the linework isn't yours.

That's it. It's a matter of respect.

Unfortunately, as with the other, these were reject sketches I had started a long while ago. They were not finished and I had stored them elsewhere. They have the watermark on from their original upload as sketches. I do not have the originals anymore, otherwise I'd upload versions without the watermark. Sorry :/

So show me you guys can play nice. :)

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i got MS Paint. When i color it, it comes out bad. can you make one for Ms paint please.
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Very nice, I'll have to use this.
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can we make point adoptables??
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Sorry for asking but what brush do you use?????!!!!??!!???
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So cute!
Is it okay if I make adoptables with this?
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I have used it for a rp character's shifted form. She is a shifter and I used the template to create her wolf form.
I traced the outline onto paper than colored her in. I don't know how to do it on the computer yet. I traced it from Kimorah's paint friendly version. :D
Here is the link:

:D Thank you for letting people use it~~
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.... WAUGH!
idk how to post links....
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Can I make this into a paint friendly line art?
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Here she is: [link]
Anything you want me to add to the comments?
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Ill send you a link when Im done! ;)
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Thats really good! :)
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i am going to ues it but can i also ues this pic on youtube
THAT'S PURDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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She's beautiful!
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OMG, This is like the EXACT template I need for my Fursona!!!!
With the hair going over the eye!!!
Eeeeee, thank you thank you thank you, and I dunno how to post stuff, so you can just check my site for the finished version if you want to
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Wow this is so amazing *O*
Thanks so much for making this template :hug:
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wait! is it MS Paint friendly?
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this is just wat im lookin for, thx soooo much :hug:
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