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My Bio

Hey I'm Fluffy and I'm an artist. I like games, Dungeons and Dragons (Critical Role and The Unexpectables), and I'm a massive animation fan.


Favourite Visual Artist
Don't make me Choose
Favourite Movies
How to train your dragon, Ice Age 1-3, Mulan, Cats don't Dance, The Iron Giant, Kung fu panda 2, Return to Oz, Coraline, Wall.E, Toy Story 1, 2 and 3, Tresure Planet, Beauty and the Beast, The Lego Movie, Whreck-it Ralph, Osmosis Jones,
Favourite TV Shows
Wander over YonderAvatar the last airbender, Ed Edd n' Eddy, TMNT 2012, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Owl City, Aqua, Daft Punk and then there's a loud of songs from a shitload of different artists
Favourite Games
Ratchet & Clank series, Assassins creed 2 and BH, Little Big Planet 2 and Mirror's edge, Skyrim, Journey, Flower, The sims, Sly Cooper, Spiderman 2, Spyro 3, Spyro dawn of the dragon, Dogs life, Okami,
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS3 and PC
Tools of the Trade
Wacom tablet and a drawing blog
So Deviant art has shat its interface pants and I cannot navigate anything beyond my gallery and submission page. Do not get me started on the notifications page, like hooooly mooly. So I'll post pictures and such now and then, but please don't be sad if I don't reply to a think you sent me... chances are i can't find it
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So, hey! Been a while and I've written a lot of excuses for inactivity in the past. Truth is that I've burned out on Wander Over Yonder, as sad as it is to admit as it was the fandom that got me popular here. But times have changed and the more I look back the more I realize that I really don't like who I was/became during my time in the fandom. I will admit that I was amungst some gross company and I often enabled bad behavior due to my sheltered and attention starved ignorence, and while I will never regret some of the forever friends I made, I honestly just want to move on from the rest. I might make a bit of fanart for nostalgias sake and Cerise will still be a beloved creation of mine, but I have to find more than just ONE fandom to express myself with. If you're only here for the WoY art then you're welcome to be upset or unwatch.. or both. I won't blame you, but I just wanna post and share art without having the shadow of fandom hanging over me. I have thought about
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Hooooooo lordy

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Ok it's been ages since I've been active here. This is really embarrassing ^^; Well, i might as well update you guys on what's been going on. So I've been battling a lot of things in the past year. I've gotten into new fandoms (I'm still a WoY fangirl at heart) but I'm getting more and more into Critical Role and D&D I've battled depression, various kinds of anxieties. I've been busy trying to help my brother with his projects. I've crashed into various walls of art blocks and so on. I haven't been very active on DA or Tumblr, at least when it comes to posting or being viable. I'm just trying to figure things out and getting my shi
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Happy Birthday! :):party::cake:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Frigg the fluffy one!!! :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) Wink/Razz ;) (Wink) Clap I am a dummy! Love Meow :3 La la la la Nod Giggle Hug :happybounce: Huggle! Heart Happy Birthday Godliek :D Happy Birthday Fella Icon :D Happy Birthday Grin Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday happy DA B-day :3 Daisy happy birthday! Sini Birthday Birthday cake  icon happy birthday to moo Birthday cupcake Happy DeviantART Birthday :happy birthday: Spideypool - Happy Birthday 1Spideypool - Happy Birthday 2 Happy Birthday Sailor-Pikmin! Misc Emoji-04 (Happy Birthday) [V1] Kao Emoji-16 (Happy Birthday) [V1] Chica's Happy Dance (Chat Icon) happy birthday Birthday :la: Fox emoji - birthday Happy Birthday Bliss Birthday Cake  :D Kao Emoji-17 (Happy Birthday Alt) [V1] Swiggity Swooty, Foxy's Comin 4 Booty (Chat Icon) Dancing Foxy Chat Icon Five Nights at Freddys 2- Chicas Cupcake -Icon GIF Foxy Dancing the Hustle! (Chat Icon) We Like To Party! (TF2 Chat Icon) Plushtrap's New Method (Chat Icon) MenInASuitcase Foxy is a Boss (Chat Icon)
Happy Birthday!! 🎂 :)