From Giants to Tinies. Hug a Tiny day on Aug 11th

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To follow up on the wonderful success of Hug a Giant day,  (there was so much wonderful hugging! and glomps! >w< ) Since many others having been asking about this. :iconxcrazyflyinacex: and I have decided that there will be a Hug a Tiny day on August the 11th! :party:
The giants have gotten their love, now it's the tinies turn to get some attention and love. :iconluvluvplz: :icongianthugplz: The way the celebrate is once again quite simple, you need to go find a tiny then give them a nice hug. Though please remember to be nice and gentle with the tinies, we don't want to hurt them.

Anyways thanks to everyone who participated it was so much fun!! :iconyayzplz: and hope to see you in the next upcoming g/t holiday.

If you'd like to see some of the awesome artwork and stories made for Hug a Giant day, you're welcome to go check out :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:'s journal here where she has alot of everyones art displayed.
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YAY tines are hurt to much in our socity we need to be gentel with them the shrinking is not there falut