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Hi everyone,

I know you all haven't heard from me in a while, and I'm sorry if any of you missed me.
As the title says, I am currently stuck in a hospital for a few days, broke my left arm while biking home from work. I really am fine otherwise, though!

What I would like to ask of all of you is basically to drop me a bunch of requests to keep me occupied with something meaningful. I don't care if it's human, pony, furry or something weird (as in, things not fit for dA), I won't judge you and will try to fulfill all that I can.
The doctors told me I'll be stationary for about 4 days, so until Monday or Tuesday I suppose. Can't exactly go back to my job afterwards, so I'll have plenty of time afterwards as well, if my motivation stays up.

(All I have are sheets of paper, pencils and a sharpener, so it will mostly be quick sketches (still, I'll do my best))

Again, don't worry about me, I'm fine.

Thanks for reading, and I'm stoked for your requests!

With best regards,



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TaviTurnip Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016
omg did I really miss this? :iconnotlikethisplz:

I fucking KNEW I missed a birthday that I'd been staring at in my inbox for a week. God damn it. Kill me now.

:iconcryforeverplz: I'm sorry.
iiwik Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
happy 9/11
SamPixeler Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015  Student General Artist
Happy Birthday FireFox Foxy dummy (FNAF) by SamPixeler
I hope you had a wonderful day and that you get all you want in this awesome day >w<

Also, have this little happy cake Happy cake (100th Gif) by SamPixeler
Is happy and tasty at the same time >w<
Thanks for making awesome pixels 
Glitch-Sketch Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I see u peepin... and I...just...LOVE your spritework!
But...I hafta ask...were famous pixel artists like Paul Robertson (the dude who did the art for Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game) your inspiration?
FriendlyFireFox Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be honest, I have never inspected anything he has done closely. I didn't (and still don't) know much about him.
The guy who sparked the fire, so to speak, was clearly :iconpix3m:; I don't think I have taken direct inspiration from anyone since really.
Kinda sad how little I know about the artists who have made pixel art for games, now that I think about it. I could literally name not a single one from the top of my head, and maybe this lack of an idol is one of my many, little problems.
...Anyway, thanks for the compliment!
Glitch-Sketch Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Here's a taste. I only mentioned him because one of your pieces that was a pony (that one pony in the Featured section), looked a bit like his style.
TaviTurnip Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
:party: :iconcowbeeplz: :iconballoonplz: :iconcowbeeplz: :iconapplebloomapplesplz: :iconcowbeeplz: :iconballoonplz: :iconcowbeeplz: :party:
FriendlyFireFox Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A... Cow-Bee?
I guess I cluld have expected as much :iconfacehoofplz:

You know, sometimes I'm glad I exist, since people can actually be happy today because of me. Sort of.

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