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My rules are also on my front page, but now I can link to them. :la:

So you want to reference my photos?

Awesome! :dummy:

:bulletgreen:Do I need to ask permission?
Nope! Just credit me and link back so I can see your work and praise you. I might even feature you here... ;)

:bulletgreen:Can I use your work in photomanipulations?
I'm sorry, my photos aren't stock. Please don't alter them. DeviantArt has plenty of stock images for you to use:…

:bulletgreen:Can I use your work commercially?
If you use my photos as references, not stock, you're free to sell dA Prints. You can ask about further commercial use, but I'll probably say no. :saddummy:

:bulletgreen:Wait! I have another question!
Ask me here, or note me. :)

And now, some features for your inspiration!

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Sorry, but what do you mean by "link back"? 
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Put a link to the picture you referenced in your description. That way people can see the work you referenced. :)
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Oh ok! Thank you! : )  
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With referencing, do the artworks have to be in a particular style? I'd love to use [link] as a reference but my style is more cartoon-ey than realistic
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Nope! I'd love to see more styles. Go right ahead! :)
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Thank you! I hope I don't screw up too badly ^^;
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Awwwwww :iconlovesplz: that is so adorable cant stop looking at it lol
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The drawing of the cub is amazing
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It's even cuter than the original. I didn't think that was possible! :B
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:iconheartflower: I feel you bro
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