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... in my belly!

This is an albino alligator. The Cape May County Zoo couldn't decide whether there are 30 or 50 of them in the world, but there aren't a lot since they don't have any ability to camouflage themselves.

I was snapping away happily as this guy floated perfectly still on the other side of his tank. I stopped to scroll through my pictures to make sure the exposure was okay. When I looked up, the alligator was right next to me, grinning in a way that said, "If there weren't glass between us, this would have been a happy ending for me."

Lessons learned:
1. Alligators don't need camouflage when they are this sneaky.
2. I would survive approximately 0.3 days in the wild.

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Beautiful and amazing...I love how perfect this picture is!
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Thank you so much! :)
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You're welcome!
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Nice! The louisville Zoo in Kentucky has an albino alligator. His name is King Louie
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This one was only visiting. I was sad to see him go. :(

I think all alligators should have some kind of title. King is a good start. :XD:
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Yes! I love alligators myself. :) I have a collection of alligators
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Lol no. Stuffed ones ^^; man I wish I had a pet alligator!
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Just checking. I never know here on dA. :B Did you read Lyle the Crocodile as a kid?
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Oooo, awesome. I have an Albino boa and even an Albino dog/puppy but alligator looks really stunning! =D
Jaws28's avatar
very rare this one, when you see him he looks like a statue, doesn't he?
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i wish i could tell it how beautiful and unique it is
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"Parrdone` but you look zoh sad, mon cheri, if you come a litta clozer I will tell you a zeecret...yes ah will."
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The details look amazing :meow:
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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That is one beautiful animal. What I would give to see one that close up.
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It was really cool. I hope you get to see one someday!
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This is a BRILLIANT shot!
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Thank you so much! :)
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Aligators rock :) And they are sneaky indeed. I saw an albino one once in a zoo, and i turned around to see the turtles (which were across from it) and when i went to look at it again it was right next to me!!
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