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I'm so happy with this picture! I feel that I've finally done a snake justice. :)

Pictures taken of this snake: 74
Successful pictures of this snake: 1 (which turned out to be shot #74) :dummy:

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Ah the snake a creature which is such a popular animal to take photos of, so many people just go for the side to side view. you've taken an interesting angle it brings "feeling" to such a cold-blooded creature. the lighting and focus is good, you can see every scale clearly on the face, I love how the outside of the photo is blurry alas it can also be taken as a con to some people but in my case I like it because it makes the face more clear and focused and the eyes are lit up very nicely. The subject matter of this photo is beautiful, keep up the great work =]
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Thank you so much for your critique! I try to take photos that showcase an animal's personality. That can be difficult with snakes. =p
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Awesome shot!!! Also, I would love a free hug :D
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Surprsingly tender! Awsome work.
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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Oh wow, at the first sight it Looks like an Alien creature from another planet.
I love the angle you took this photo from and the view is amazing.
The atmosphere is very good and I like the way the animal is directly looking at you.
Moreover the colours are wonderul - just as wonderful as your clear Focus.

Well done!
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Thank you so much! Glad you like it. :)
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My guess is a Green Tree Python of the Boidae family. Am I right? :D
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I'm 99% sure that you're correct! :D
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It's really fascinating! :clap:
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c'est bien la photo
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c'est bien continue
omg i love snakes they are just so rad
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Damn, what an amazing capture!
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Thanks, I really appreciate it! :)
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Very nice. At first glance I had no idea what this was, until I realized it is a snake. The lighting in the scales brings out a lot of detail. Great job!
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What an amazing capture! I really like the uniqueness of the angle here; you don't see too many snake shots like this :)
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His/her eyes look almost purple. :)
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