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Yet Again ...

he knows where this is headed but he'll go there anyway.
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LOVE the line in this image. It's like your just having fun, filling in space with lines (I can almost imagine you humming to yourself while doing this), but at the same time you're creating texture and layers in the wolf's fur. Kind of brilliant, really.
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can't stand the awsomness!! :heart:
626stitch's avatar
Awesome textures
CyberPhantom's avatar
Haha! :D What a great sarcastic tone you have, Mr. Wolf!
furandfeather's avatar
you're welcome! i thought it might be up your alley
furandfeather's avatar
very russian looking. are you familiar with ivan bilibin?
friendbeast's avatar
Not until you mentioned him, but now I am in love. Thank you!
binleh's avatar
Without a doubt... this picture cannot be rivaled by ANYTHING
Rogyn's avatar
Oh, goodness, this is absolutely wonderful.
I delight in its whimsy. :)
friendbeast's avatar
Thank you! I went on kind of a fave-frenzy on your gallery. You have some AMAZING stuff there.
abraxa's avatar
The billowly/ruffly old-fashioned underwear legs underneath the read cloak is a nice touch on little red. I'm still wondering where one can find underwear like that anymore.
friendbeast's avatar
I fail at replying on time. One of my roommates got some at H&M a few months ago. They were like amazing bloomers.
abraxa's avatar
I've never heard of H&M before now since I live in the US on the west coast. Guess they're some kind of Swedish place? Hmmn...
soudou's avatar
I love the detail and stylised way you drew this. Especially the wolf.
LariLari's avatar
Beautiful colors, I love that wolf.
FootFoot's avatar
Beautiful, intricate piece. The detail on this is amazing.
Notakii's avatar
I love the feather-like quality of the wolf's fur and the overall style this was drawn in. :D Very original and detailed!
gescheitert's avatar
cool.. i like the generic stylisation
and the girl's arms and that joker like neck.. ruff.. thingy on the wolf
and the evilness/humour :)
AngelaRizza's avatar
Wow, I really really like this one.Maybe it's the detail or the style it's drawn in. I'm not sure.
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