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Red Riding Hood

Angela Carter began my obsession with Little Red Riding Hood.
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Nice wood-cute style them. And hey, this is over 12 years old. Didn't even know Deviantart had been around for that long.
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Haha! The 5 wolf dudes watching them roleplay on the window, so clever XD maybe later theyll use the hood to cover the window
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What is this porn it so crazy I don't understand help me please 
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In the older stories, the wolf actually got the girl to strip first. 
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I adore this!  A complete lover of the Red Riding Hood folktale myself, you have truly captured a great perspective of the story.
And Angela Carter, fantastic!  Have you read Ann Sexton's poetry version? 
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Hell yes, Angela Carter. Love love those stories. And you've captured the atmosphere well.
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Angela Carter is the cause of mine as well. :D
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I love this. So much haha. Just very interesting conceptually, The wolf mask like face is awesome, and the expressions of the girl are great too
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The Mask of shock, but truthfully, she wants to be taken.
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it's very interessting....
But why they naked ?? :O
The colors are wonderful, i love the pose of the red riding hood .
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Because the story is basically about sex.
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very interesting symbolism.
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Reminds me of the OLD and TRUE story of Little Red Riding Hood.
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I'm not the artist, but I'm curious about your comment.
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Do you know the artist's name? I would like to check out more of their work.
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Look at the title, and underneath it you'll see 'friendbeast'. Click on that and it should take you to the artists page.
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Well, it's something like this, but Red tricked the wolf by saying she is going outside to 'relieve herself'. Better explained on The Path soundtrack - Grandmother's Tale. I just get that vibe on the pic.
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Thanks...I think I get it...
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This is a VERY unique view! It has such deep symbolism in it. Wonderful!
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