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Owl Totem One

A real painting.
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This is Beautiful!!!
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i featured this in my latest journal! :) [link]
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oh god, oh god, barn owls are terrifying. i love how you simplified the thing, especially in his face.

this is a real painting? no way! i'm amazed.
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I love this entire set, and it being done with house paint is even more mind-blowing. The layers and color choice ... Fff, I just want to run my hand over it.
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Is the Owl your totem?
My spirit guide right now is the Bear.
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Brillo pad! (brilliant)
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fuck art supplies, this is good
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So clean and precise! I am in love with these designs. I adore owls and fff this series is just perfect. I feel like it would make a kickass tattoo also. Hahhh.
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So clean looking.
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my love for it is real as well.
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If this is gouache I am going to cry. Very nice job.
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no no gouache is impossible. this is actually just house paint. no art supply stores near my house hey hey!
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We have the same opinion of gouache.
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