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Welcome to Friend-Of-Friends!

:rose: Greetings! :rose:
:rose: Welcome to Friend-of-Friends! :rose:

This group was founded to allow:

  • People to connect to others, through their friends.
  • Artists to improve their skills in a friendly environment, and perhaps get some tips/ tricks from more experienced artists. (We will be looking for experienced artists to act as guides/mentors, and to contribute tutorials.)
  • Your friends to keep up-to-date with your work.
  • New artists and artworks to be viewed via straight contribution.

Joining the Group:

There is only one way to join this group — and that is to be invited by an existing member. This is to make sure that all members have a prior recommendation by someone who knows them (and to ensure that we are all friendly). We do occasionally make exceptions  show us how much fun you are! :highfive:

Once you have joined, please think about submitting a short introductory piece about yourself, to the new members introduction area, located within our gallery.

General Etiquette Rules:

  • Please do not advertise on the front page, (e.g., announcing commissions status, contests). We are happy to announce contests and commissions status, in our Weekly Journal Update. Please place this information in the "Journals, Contests, Raffles" folder.
  • Please don’t ask others for donations. (This group will not be publishing anything to do with begging for personal donations.)
  • Please do not bully others. If you are seen doing so, you will be removed from the group. (This includes having hate speech or affiliating with groups such as the "Alt-Right" on your profile.)
  • If you have any questions, please send a :note: to the group, not to the admins individually. One of us will get to you quickly!

Submission Rules:

  • Please try to submit your art to the correct folders.
  • You are allowed to submit one piece of work per day to a selected folder (which only requires one vote to be approved, by any admin).
  • We will accept nearly anything, with the exception of work with racist or offensive content, or recolors of other artists' bases or avatar generators. Please make sure that anything mature has an appropriate mature content label.
  • (Optional, but strongly encouraged) Have a small caption with each piece you submit about what you learnt, experienced or did during the week to keep people updated.

Favorites Submission Rules:

  • You may submit five Favorites per day.
  • We will accept nearly anything besides work with racist or offensive content. Please make sure that anything mature has an appropriate mature label.
  • Please do not submit your own work as a Favorite.

Weekly Update Journal and Features:

  • The Weekly Update will be a journal post keeping people up to date with each other, including such things as commission status updates, contests, raffles and events. If you have something you'd like to have included, please direct it to copper9lives.
  • On the first of each month, we feature an Artist of the Month, whose artwork will reside in our Featured folder for the entirety of the month.
  • On the fifteenth of each month, we feature the Art of the Month in a journal article. :new: We'll now be adding literature to this feature.

How to Become a Contributor:

  • All that you require to become a Contributor is experience and kindness. Just send us a note saying that you wish to become one, and the request will be looked over by the founder and co-founders.
  • The main tasks of a contributor are: voting to allow work into the group's folders, constructive comments on submitted art, and voting for the Art of the Month feature and the Artist of the Month feature. The admins may also call on you to help us keep the Gallery organized! :new: We will also be starting monthly events  send us your ideas, and help us run them!

:heart: Thanks for reading! :3

Gallery Folders

Digital Art
Havana area of the old town by takmaj
[COM] Elffri3nd by Keralice
Here I am by Keralice
Rome buildings by takmaj
Traditional Art
Tifa Lockhart and Blaze Fielding by divadonna224
One of the spirtas by Artep89
Bloom by Artep89
Happy birthday hide! (2020) by divadonna224
Mae Borowski by Artep89
Niko by Artep89
Fanart - Analog Heart by Managodess
Commision 01 for Xenethis-Chimera by Artep89
Original Characters
Girls Like Girls - Original +MyRina+ by Managodess
Dusk by Artep89
Fly to your heart by Artep89
Take a leap by Artep89
Air,water,fire and earth by Juanilla
Hard Softness by Juanilla
My favourite Volcano by Juanilla
From train by Juanilla
3D,Fractal Art
MutaGenA1senza by blenqui
Mesh Dodecahedron1033 by blenqui
Rainy Day by AbdouBouam
Flame Tdu06992 by blenqui
Mixed Media
SUGIZO: Thoughts by divadonna224
Chinese New Year 2019 by n2n44
Tropic Fever Caribbean Jazz Night by n2n44
Train them up :D by oooangelicartooo
Page 19 Scene 2 by jkemeny
LUCIDITY SCENE 2, PAGE 1 by jkemeny
LUCIDITY Scene 2, page 2 by jkemeny
LUCIDITY PAGE 2 by jkemeny
Leekbomb part~Daredevil by 13BatScorpion95
Control MAP part 11 by 13BatScorpion95
Bandit IM: Move Rock (2/8) ANIMATION by 13BatScorpion95
Oreila by QuietFox-Arts
tankard and horn stand by seth-ravenclaw
ALL Mature Content

Mature Content

Madness - The boy who ate his lovers heart by Artep89
Other Art
Commission Sheet: Portrait by GretaMacedonio
FelyxMaya - The One I Trust“Felyx… please, don’t.”“Maya, you’re the only one I trust to do this. I talked to the other two as well, they know the plan.” He placed a hand under her chin, gently tilting her head up to meet his eyes. “I’ve never loved anybody as much as I loved you. You’re what has kept me human through everything. So, if I ever…” His voice caught in his throat for a moment and he reached for her hand, squeezing it lightly. “If it ever comes to that, promise me, you’ll do what needs to be done.”Tears had welled up in her ocean eyes, but she nodded, lips pressed together as she squeezed his hand firmly.“Say it”, he muttered, leaning his forehead to hers. “Please.”“I promise.” Her voice was choked, lips trembling as she kissed him. As she did, she felt his hand move from her chin to lace into her hair, drawing her closer almost desperately for a moment.The look in his ruby eyes as they drew apart almost broke her heart. As if he knew…“It won’t happen though.” She said firmly, squeezing his hand tighter. “You’re the strongest person I know.”“I hope you’re right.” He pulled away slightly and managed a small smile. “Come on, we should rest. We need to be at our best tomorrow.”They fell asleep wrapped tightly in each other’s arms.Felyx was shaking her awake, his voice fragmented to her ears. “… go… attack.”“W-what?”“Maya, get up. There’s a Primal attacking the city.”He was dressed already, blade mounted to his back.She jumped up, quickly getting dressed and gathering her things, following him outside hastily.The city was littered with destruction. Ruins of buildings everywhere, smoke billowing from multiple sources… and towering above it all, a creature, at least ten feet tall. It looked like a thunderstorm come to life, each step loud as thunder, lightning crackling from every limb as it moved.Mosune and Helen, the other two members of their group, were already engaging it, trying to move it away from the stubborn civilians that had remained in the city despite being told to evacuate. Helen raised her shield, and the sunlight reflecting off it seemed to intensify for a moment, redirected to blind the creature, as Mosune extended her hands, causing nearby shadows to lash out at it.Felyx had begun to advance towards the scene, Maya following quickly behind him, her fingertips laced with ice. The young man reached a hand behind him and she took it, feeling her shadow join his, his surface emotions joining hers as he pressed his lips to the back of her hand, then let go, moving faster now.With each step, shadows crept up along his skin, engulfing his form. Shadow-formed wings sprouted from his back, moving like water. His eyes went pitch black, shadowy swirls extending from them across the skin of his face. Maya felt his confidence as he took a running leap and drew his blade, also wrapped in shadows, to strike the Primal.His emotions were boosting her own confidence, face set as she clenched her fists tighter, the ice extended to cover up to her wrists. Picking up speed as well, she froze the ground beneath her feet to glide to the Primal’s other side, pelting it with large shards of ice to distract it from Felyx’s strike.As it made to lash out at her, the shadow mage’s blade connected, tearing its arm from its body. There was a loud howl, followed by the crackle of static in the air that set everyone’s hair on end. A moment of unnatural silence. A burst of lightning that exploded outward in a small radius around their opponent. It caught Felyx in its wake and he was barely able to reduce the impact by drawing the surrounding shadows around him.The four of them continued to work in sync, Helen, Mosune and Maya distracting the creature, occupying it with a barrage of attacks from all sides so Felyx could hit it with his full strength. They were whittling it down, weakening it more with every passing minute of battle.But they had underestimated it.As Helen moved in closer to get in another burst of light, the being lashed out, lightning crashing against her metal shield, the current running through her body and knocking her back, unconscious.“HELEN!” A woman’s voice called out, a figure moving towards the other in quick bursts.Mosune managed to catch her, barely, hands and arms wrapped in shadow to prevent herself from getting shocked as well, quickly shadow-stepping to get the unconscious light mage to safety.Maya had turned, her attention shifting from the threat at hand to make sure their friend was safe. By the time she noticed her mistake, she could already feel the hair on the back of her neck stand on end from the increased static in the air.“NO!”The fear that had crept into her mind grew more intense, as Felyx’s emotions flared up as well, stronger through their shadow connection. Just as the Primal’s remaining arm moved to hit her, sparks of electricity jumping from it, he had managed to shadow-step in front of her, pulling up any shadows he could find for a last resort shield.The thunderous impact shook them both as one of the shadow wings wrapped around her, shielding her further.His pain was sharp in her mind, as if she had been the one hit. Eyes wide, she pulled away and stared at Felyx, to see that there were cracks in his shadow armor.“It’s nothing.” Words through gritted teeth, holding the strange distortion his voice always did in this form.But his words couldn’t disguise their emotional link that showed her so clearly how bad things were.“No, no no no no no.” For a moment, Maya felt the panic well up within her, a fear deeper than words, but fought it back, knowing that he would feel it as well. She couldn’t distract him from this fight.He pushed her back further behind him and away from the threat, kicking off as his shadow wings spread, taking flight.Something had changed, he was fighting harder, riskier, leaving the Primal no chance to recover, attacking it from all sides, shadow-stepping so fast it was hard for Maya’s eyes to keep up. Her gaze darted to the ground for a moment to give them a moment to refocus and she noticed the specks of blood staining it.That familiar panic threatened to rise again, but once more she fought it back, taking note of Mosune joining back into the fray as well. The two of them went back to their strategy of distracting the Primal with attacks from differing sides, but it seemed like Felyx didn’t even need their help anymore.A crash, a furious scream, and the Primal came toppling down, its body slamming into the ground with a noise like a thunderclap, with Felyx’s blade penetrating its chest.The shadow mage hovered, wings like watery masses made of shadow keeping him airborne, then braced himself with a foot against the Primal’s corpse, now simply the body of a woman in her thirties, tearing Areia from it.As he landed beside it, moving to sheathe the blade once more, Maya noticed the wound like a huge burn on his chest, seeming to spread, growing a little with every breath he took.She started towards him; hands no longer encased in ice but instead trailing water behind them.He sank to his knees, though still in his shadow form, and Maya came to a sliding halt on her knees beside him, moving closer to heal him.“Maya…” he began, but one look from those blue eyes silenced him, feeling her pain as if it were his own.The wound wouldn’t heal. Instead, it seemed to be growing even further. She felt their connection break as Felyx released her shadow, letting out a shaky breath.“Maya!”“No!”She glared at him, defiant, her healing hands drawing more water from their surroundings, still trying to close the wound.It was getting worse.“It’s no use Maya. You know it. You know what’s going to happen.”“NO!”Her tone was desperate, tears welling up in her eyes. “I can fix this; I won’t let it happen!”“Maya, please.”“I can’t… it’s my fault that…” Angrily, she wiped the tears from her eyes and as she did, Felyx grabbed her wrist, ruby eyes locked on hers.“You promised, Maya. Before Kore’s corruption can take hold… and turn me into one of those creatures.” He gave her a small, sad smile.“I can’t…” Her voice was barely a whisper now, her hands shaking, no longer attempting to heal him.“You have to.”As she looked at him, she could see that he had already made his peace with the situation. “I love you, Maya.”With a choked sob, she folded her hands together as if in prayer. When she leaned down to kiss him one final time, her clamped hands formed a spike of ice, piercing straight through his heart.She screamed.“Maya… MAYA!”A voice, his voice, worried, his hands on her arms. His face came into focus through vision blurred by tears.“It’s okay… Maya it’s alright, it was just a nightmare.”He was there, alive, arms wrapping around her to hug her to his chest, one hand trailing gently through her undone hair.There were no more Primals. There was no more Kore. It was just…“.. a nightmare”, her voice quivered, “I dreamt I…”“I get them too”, he confessed, kissing the top of her head. She was trembling in his arms, still crying soundlessly. “We’re safe here.”The soft cries of a child could be heard from the neighboring room.“Get back to bed, love. I’ll go check on him.” Carefully, he removed himself from her, holding onto her shaky hands a moment longer. “I love you, Maya.” Lifting her hands to his lips, he kissed the back of them gently, then let go, walking to the door to tend to their child.By the time he returned, she had fallen back asleep, curled up under the sheets and with a smile, he joined her, arms wrapping around her to hopefully keep her safe from further nightmares.
Adoptables, Bases, Customized Dolls
Foxy YCH/TCBY Open by Suiish
Icons, Stamps, Emoticons, Tags
Equality isnt fairness by Rinthi
Critique Me Please
Sorrow by ifellinlovewith
I need you so much (WIP) by oooangelicartooo
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