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Welcome to Friend-Of-Friends!

:rose: Greetings! :rose:
:rose: Welcome to Friend-of-Friends! :rose:

This group was founded to allow:

  • People to connect to others, through their friends.
  • Artists to improve their skills in a friendly environment, and perhaps get some tips/ tricks from more experienced artists. (We will be looking for experienced artists to act as guides/mentors, and to contribute tutorials.)
  • Your friends to keep up-to-date with your work.
  • New artists and artworks to be viewed via straight contribution.

Joining the Group:

There is only one way to join this group — and that is to be invited by an existing member. This is to make sure that all members have a prior recommendation by someone who knows them (and to ensure that we are all friendly). We do occasionally make exceptions  show us how much fun you are! :highfive:

Once you have joined, please think about submitting a short introductory piece about yourself, to the new members introduction area, located within our gallery.

General Etiquette Rules:

  • Please do not advertise on the front page, (e.g., announcing commissions status, contests). We are happy to announce contests and commissions status, in our Weekly Journal Update. Please place this information in the "Journals, Contests, Raffles" folder.
  • Please don’t ask others for donations. (This group will not be publishing anything to do with begging for personal donations.)
  • Please do not bully others. If you are seen doing so, you will be removed from the group. (This includes having hate speech or affiliating with groups such as the "Alt-Right" on your profile.)
  • If you have any questions, please send a :note: to the group, not to the admins individually. One of us will get to you quickly!

Submission Rules:

  • Please try to submit your art to the correct folders.
  • You are allowed to submit one piece of work per day to a selected folder (which only requires one vote to be approved, by any admin).
  • We will accept nearly anything, with the exception of work with racist or offensive content, or recolors of other artists' bases or avatar generators. Please make sure that anything mature has an appropriate mature content label.
  • (Optional, but strongly encouraged) Have a small caption with each piece you submit about what you learnt, experienced or did during the week to keep people updated.

Favorites Submission Rules:

  • You may submit five Favorites per day.
  • We will accept nearly anything besides work with racist or offensive content. Please make sure that anything mature has an appropriate mature label.
  • Please do not submit your own work as a Favorite.

Weekly Update Journal and Features:

  • The Weekly Update will be a journal post keeping people up to date with each other, including such things as commission status updates, contests, raffles and events. If you have something you'd like to have included, please direct it to copper9lives.
  • On the first of each month, we feature an Artist of the Month, whose artwork will reside in our Featured folder for the entirety of the month.
  • On the fifteenth of each month, we feature the Art of the Month in a journal article. :new: We'll now be adding literature to this feature.

How to Become a Contributor:

  • All that you require to become a Contributor is experience and kindness. Just send us a note saying that you wish to become one, and the request will be looked over by the founder and co-founders.
  • The main tasks of a contributor are: voting to allow work into the group's folders, constructive comments on submitted art, and voting for the Art of the Month feature and the Artist of the Month feature. The admins may also call on you to help us keep the Gallery organized! :new: We will also be starting monthly events  send us your ideas, and help us run them!

:heart: Thanks for reading! :3

Gallery Folders

(Webtoon) The Prince and the Lady Knight by TalithaFelix
Visual Dream Journal 956 by LordFrankeh
Visual Dream Journal 952 by LordFrankeh
Visual Dream Journal 953 by LordFrankeh
Digital Art
Enter Sandman by RGPC
Roxie X Chika (fnaf) by mokcie15
Visual Dream Journal 959 by LordFrankeh
Spirit Wolf by GothaWolf
Traditional Art
Visual Dream Journal 921 by LordFrankeh
Kid Charley ink drawing by mokcie15
Sketch 02 by Artep89
Sketch-03 by Artep89
Santeria by RGPC
Kiss The Go-Goat by RGPC
Meet Velma by RGPC
Meet Daphne by RGPC
Original Characters
Athena's Pristess by GothaWolf
Phantom Of The Opera by RGPC
Choke me like you hate me by mokcie15
Vampire Duchess by GothaWolf
Take Me Out! by RGPC
Meet Mavis (Dracula) by RGPC
If You Have Ghosts... by RGPC
La Adelita by RGPC
3D Modeling, Fractal Art
Columbo by RGPC
Who Will Save The World? by RGPC
Coldplay by RGPC
Meet Ruby by RGPC
Mixed Media
Visual Dream Journal 928 by LordFrankeh
Happy B-day Deviantart ! by GeorgeXVII
SUGIZO: Thoughts by divadonna224
Chinese New Year 2019 by n2n44
KILLJOYS (Make Some Noise) by RGPC
WEB TON WIP by mokcie15
Page 19 Scene 2 by jkemeny
LUCIDITY SCENE 2, PAGE 1 by jkemeny
Artisan Craft
tankard and horn stand by seth-ravenclaw
ALL Mature Content
Visual Dream Journal 666 by LordFrankeh
Other Art
Gold by GeorgeXVII
Good Help (Is So Hard To Find) by RGPC
Bulletproof Heart by RGPC
Adoptables, Bases, Customized Dolls
FIX PRICE CUSTOM| exclusive base [OPEN] by AngelinaERMEN
Icons, Stamps, Emoticons, Tags
Equality isnt fairness by Rinthi
Critique Me Please
Visual Dream Journal 957 by LordFrankeh
He will calm thy Storms WIP by oooangelicartooo
Member Journals, Contests, Raffles
Harasment Death Art and more R0TTEN--MIILKEDIT : I ENDED UP GETTING DOXXED,Strawberry.candy.angel or Angel formerly known as Luna/Mimi/Kai is a person in the art community that has been bothering / messing with me & others for a loot of time now.Angel has been proven to be a tracer and a Oc thief. That is the reason i am making this "thread / journal" This Journal is to share some of their actions please don't witch hunt them or harass them in any way shape or form.This document is written kinda sloppy due my mental health being in a dumpster fire.This individual has falsely taken down my video on them that i made on YouTube.TW DEATH/SUICIDE ART & DISCORD HATE SERVERS TOWARDS MILKICHAPTERS OF THE JOURNAL 1) Stealing OC from Kenji2) Stealing OC from Milki3) Tracing from Milki5) Discord hate group & Death art6) False copyright take-downs, DISCLAIMER DO NOT HARASS ANGEL OR ANYONE INVOLVEDAngel has been changing allot of usernames to avoid backlashPlease block their Deviant-Art accountDo not Interact , They have stolen multiple OC's from two people as far as im aware. The first person that has fallen victim to their OC theft is Kenji. If you remember i made a journal calling out Kenji for some stolen oc's, he apologized and we have solved things ( he no longer has stolen stuff as far as i am aware of ) So Kenji uploaded his "Colourful Emo Rat Adopt" on December 27 2021, And Angel uploaded their drawing on January 2nd 2022you cant tell me this shit is not stolen from Kenji. Angel (aka Candy_Heartz_666) DOESN'T OWN THE ADOPTABLE !! They DID NOT BUY IT!!,I find this extremely immature to do. Angel has some shit with Kenji but they dont have the right to steal his OC that IS CLAIMED BY ANOTHER PERSON. Tracing & OC Theft ( tracing & stealing from Milki )Here is some things they have traced from Milki.Before we start i have to say 2 things1) Milki has done bad things but that doesn't give you the right to steal OC's and to trace them2) Angel Changes name's & @'s very frequently. But im 100% sure that its them due to the art style.Now here are some Screen shots from some call out accounts for some of the things they traced & ripped ofORIGINAL ,STOLEN / RIPOFF, Tracing By Angel ( Candy_Heartz_666 ) These Screen shots ware taken from a art theft report account that is owned by Milki. Here is the link so you guys can have better quality Screen shots to look at. At the time the Screen Shots ware taken Angel's account went by a different name ( bloodied.pawss ),,,,,, , DISCORD HATE GROUP & DEATH ART I was made aware about a discord hate group that is targeted towards milki. The person that runs the server is Angel. The screen shots are a bit old and their username is bloodied paws on the ss's,,,,,Summary of the Anti Milki server It was a Discord hate mob / group that is owned by Angel as seen in the screenshots above.The part where Angel has some interactions between user Nezzibean were they make a traced drawing so it looks like Milki did it.,MilkiKiwi used to be a account on instaram that was impersonating Milki & tracing art to make it look like they did it. I just thought that this could be a interesting suggestion since the evidence suggests that Angel might be behind the account. DEATH ART I have nothing to say except that it is childish and fucking stupid to do this.Not to mention that they falsely took down my video. ,,, FALSE COPYRIGHT TAKE DOWN one week ago i made a video criticizing & commenting on their actions. The video fell under fair use specifically Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. Wich my video was. If you want to check that out for your self here is the video re-uploaded on my google drive, That is my video that got taken down for "copyright infringement" even tho i was criticizing their actions.Here is Angel being proud of taking down my video. I used Angels art (the death art) so i could show it and critique it. If i say someone said that X person made death art with no proof you would not believe them since no SS's=No evidenceIts not like you have infringed anyone's copyright Angel but ok go on ,

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