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Tangled: Mother Gothel

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Mother Gothel is a woman who has been using the power of a magic golden flower to keep her young and beautiful for a hundred years and keeps using it ever time her age has a old woman starts to show!  But one night her flower was found by the guards from the kingdom of Corona, so they can heal their queen and her unborn child!

After the Queen's baby was born and Gothel learned that the power of the flower was is in the princess and can be used through her hair, she sneaked into the castle take some of the girl's hair, but after Gothel cut a part of the baby's hair it turned brown and lost its power!  So Gothel kidnaps the princess, Rapunzel and raised her as her own in a tower hidden from all so she could use Rapunzel as her new flower!

After Gothel learned that her 18 year old flower had left the tower and had gone off with a thief named, Flynn Rider, she gets her knife out and tricks the Stabbington Brothers into helping her to get Rapunzel back!



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:iconmothergothelplz::iconsaysplz:Here's my whole motherly philosophy.