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please full-view for details!
download for full wallpaper size :love:

do ya see the lightning? ;)

©Darya N 2009
Lens: 24-70mm F2.8 L series
Camera: Canon 5DMKII
You do not have my permission to use this for anything.
Taken during the Celebration of Light in English Bay, Vancouver BC
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Image size
1440x900px 1.02 MB
Shutter Speed
3/1 second
Focal Length
28 mm
© 2009 - 2021 fridaythe13th
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note to self: learn to suck it up when vancouver weather wants to bite.

this is so good!! lovely colours and everything.
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haha ya, it is tough to do! getting soaked is never fun, these photos definitely made it more sweet than bitter though :D

and thank you :hug:
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This same thing happened to my area on our 4th of July celebration. I wish it hadn't just rained though so I could have photographed it like you did.
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awesome capture, nice lightning too :D

How do you like the 24-70L? I couldn't decide between it and the 24-105L, ended up choosing the 105 for the extra length, but I'm sure both are amazing :D
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thank you so much! =)

and the lens is fantastic! i love that it's F2.8, allows for so much versatility, I feel like I can capture (almost) anything when I have it on my camera :love:
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sounds good, and you're welcome :)
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Wow! This is amazing. :)
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Very cool!

Poor Mother Nature just can't compete sometimes XD
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lol indeed, it is difficult, us humans are quite fantastic ;)

however that night she definitely took the cake!
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Oooo looking at the other pictures now I must agree.

Simply beautiful ^^
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Amazing! :D Did you happen to get a shot when the lightning struck right across the fireworks?
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thank you :D i think i have that one on video, when i captured the lightning going horizontal across the sky, there weren't any fireworks at the time, I'll be uploading that shot soon as well =)
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it´s so amazing gooooood pick!! ^^
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