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my photograph bubbles is in the current NEON-issue (12/08). very small-sized but however.. :D

& after years a new design at my website:

thank you for featuring my photos. :heart:
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flickr: elleeka

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this summer was much more productive i think.

aww, and thank you for featuring my photos. :heart:
link new!

new flickr: elleeka.

:iconb-wphotography: :icongopolaroid: :iconholga: :iconindiephotographyclub: :iconoldschooltime: :iconskyandnatureclub: :iconthisoldfeeling: :icontoy-camera: :iconvintagerepublik:
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holidays, yessa! today i'll go to the photographer where i've done my practical some years ago. aww, i'm so excited!

as you can see, there are some new prints. a roll of holga pictures from summer & my lovely time at the gardalake with my friends. some impressions of sweden & autumn will follow, i guess. but i don't wanna say too much, haha.


:iconholga: :icontoy-camera:
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with the awesome weather also my creativity is back again. more or less.

i found a lot of lomographies from last summer, take first shots with my polaroid camera and my holga and some with the canon.

btw: add my flickr account! i always post some more pictures there. dunno.

& again the question if anybody know how i can delete these mood thing?
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i proudly present: holga, my new best friend!

haha! okay, photos will follow soon..

she arrived two days ago & i love her! even if i hadn't the time to take some photos already. but weekend is nearly there & yes, i'll try my best. ;)

i can hardly wait.. for sunshine, spring, summer, long evenings out with friends, listening to musik all the time.. yeah. & taking lots of photos of course. hmm..

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i did it! has a new face. yeppa!
it seems that i've lost my creativity to design new homepage layouts. in my opinion it's too simple but okay..

i've also added some new deviations to my gallery. mostly analogue. i've got some 'new' cameras: an (fiftyoridunnohowmanyyearsold) agfa billy-record from my grandfather (such a lovely camera!) & a polaroid cam from my boyfriend (but i haven't try it out a lot because it's so fcukin' expensive to buy a new film).

i need summer. or at least spring!

btw: how can i delete these stupid mood thingy?
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aw, well, i dunno. at the moment i don't have any idea what to photograph anyway. okay, sometimes i take some photos but i find they're kind of boring. everytime the same. no great idea.
and think the photos in my gallery are boring, too. the most of them i don't like anymore.
want to edit them a little bit, but i'm not that good in working with photoshop. gnah.

all right.
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There, that's done! The photos from my holidays in Italy are posted. I thought it will be more at first.
But hope you enjoy and like the photos. Thank you for all your comments and the favs. It means a lot to me!


I love life at the moment. Yes. Maybe the weather isn't the best here in germany and the school began again (that means to wake up very early in the morning!) but I enjoy the weekends and the time I spend with my friends. And at the moment school isn't that bad (but I think that this will change the next days).

At the end of the week (wednesday evening, thursday and friday) I'll be in Denmark. I love Denmark. It's gorgeous! So I'll try to take some photos there.
I don't like the new devART layout. It's so confuse. :aww:

And I need a new ID. This one is from february.
Oh, gosh! My holidays are nearly over. Only one week.

I've posted photos from the first part of my holidays. But there are almost exclusive photos of flowers. :aww:
Next time I'll post some from the last two weeks in which I was in Italy & France (but only for two days). I've got an underwater camera for photos in the swimming pool. But for photos in the Garda Lake it was a little bit to cold. ;)

Aw, and by the way: I have my new camera. Canon EOS 350D. It was my biggest wish to my 17th birthday - some money for it. (I've made a job to get the other part of the money before the holidays have begun.) And nooow.. :heart:
After a looong looong time I've posted new photos. 'cause last week me and my classmates were going to Sylt (Germany) and the landscape there is so pretty. You can take beautiful photos there..

Otherwise I've posted one or three older ones from italy or czech republic in between times.

Aaand the day after tomorrow I will have vacation for six weeks and a half. Yeha! Then I can take photos from italy and the lake of garda again.
Uhm, I' very happy and content at the moment. The weather is nice, the sun shines and next sunday my friend Laura and me will celebrate our (17th) birthdays.

OMG, and please excuse my bad bad english.
I've deleted and edited something in the gallery. But it's nothing new.

Yes, and my new homepage is online. Take a look at

That's it. Good bye.
Yeah, hello, I'm back again.
I have submited two new pictures after a long time.. But.. At the moment I haven't enought time to take new photos and for real.. Here is nothin' special or unspecial to take pretty photos and my motivation is runnin' away.. Or so.. ^^ School is stressing me and.. Uhm..

So then, good bye. :heart:
Hello again.
I'm back. Oh Italy was so gorgeous. There are many new photos. :)
Tomorrow is my 16th birthday. :giggle: And on monday I go to Hiddensee. With my parents and Chris. Ui, I'm so happy. *lol
Uh, yeah, now I have summer holidays. Since wednesday. It's so.. incredible. :aww: And the weather.. Sun is shinnig. Yes, that's cool. :D
Tomorrow, I'm already in Italy for 10 days. With Klara.
And then when we're back it's my birthday. 6teen.. *omg

Mh, so, I just want to say this.. ;)

Have a nice time. Ciao..
Yay! Here I am. Well.. I saw all the other deviantART-Users and.. I want something like that too. *hihi
So, I hope I will have a great time here and now.. I don't know.

Btw, excuse my bad English, please.