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    Cherry Bomb


    Chapter 1:

    We Are What We Are


    Can't stay at home, can't stay at school

    Old folks say, ya poor little fool

    Down the street I'm the girl next door

    I'm the fox you've been waiting for~

    Here I was going to Sfit big day very exciting. Oh right I guess I should introduce myself… Evander Glasow at your service I guess if you need to hack a computer or build one. I came to San Fransokyo all the way from Boston on a full scholarship after I almost got arrested by the secret service for hacking into the white house. Long story there maybe some other time… But I have to first present my technology at the introductory student fair then if the judges like me I get in. Oh boy! If you couldn't tell that was sarcasm. My plans to be here early were dashed when my flight got delayed when switching in Texas. I left my house at about eleven last night my flight left at 12:30am. I touched down in Texas at about 4:30am. Ultimately I landed finally after 1:00pm in San Fransokyo.

    -A five hour delay in Texas! Of all the places it had to be Texas! Yes please forcefully offer the girl with social anxiety 'help' finding the bathroom. Human interaction was hard for me yes but that didn't mean talk slow to me. But then again she was trying to do her job… Maybe she had a rough day and I made it worse? What if I got her fired? Let’s not think about that lets just focus on the now.- I thought to myself walking into the administration building. I tugged my heavy suitcase behind me as I approached the secretary's desk who was turned away from me typing on her computer. Flipping down the eye piece for my headset I searched through possible introductions.

    Hello? Too basic. Excuse me? She looks real busy maybe I just hope I don’t come off sounding rude... Maybe I could ring this desk bell and get her attention? What if there was a little kid in here earlier who wouldn't stop ringing it and it pissed her off? Why does basic human interaction have to be so hard?” Before I could continue my analysis of the room a boy walked in interrupting my thought stream. He walked right up next to me ringing the bell, the secretary then spun around in her chair wheeling over to the counter.

    “Oh hello Tadashi it's so good to see you again to what do I owe this visit?” Despite her chiseled and wrinkled face she was smiling rather genuine. It felt off for her character, I had to take note of that for later. After my headset recorded the note it made a 'blip' noise. The two didn't even notice me.

    “I was hoping I could grab those signs directing people to the bathroom for the student showcase today Professor Krei said you printed some up.” My headset was already scanning him from head to toe before he even got to speak; it made notes of his height, his outfit choice, even the detailed features on his face. On my compatibility program he was already at a solid 7 not bad for a first scan. It was still as if I was invisible.

    “Of course, of course, here you go and I also have this roll of painter's tape so you won't damage the walls when hanging them.” She handed him a roll of blue painter's tape, a stack of papers, and some craft store paper arrows. Her smile only grew after he gave her a thanks before he turned away leaving the office not before he waved to me. I made note of that adding .03 points to my compatibility program. Going back to her computer she resumed typing without skipping a beat again ignoring me. Well shit she is getting logged on the 'bad human' list. I hope she's happy ignoring me like that. I turned around leaving the administration building to a crowd of people making their way to a humongous gymnasium like building. Scanning the crowd I made note they all had a hive mentality to go into the gym building. As they say when in Rome do as the Romans do so I followed the crowd up the stairs almost shrieking every time my bag clanked against the steps. Fragile equipment I don't need breaking before my presentation today. Entering the building I saw science projects as far as the eye could see, everything from advanced robotics to a simple baking soda volcano. I had to stop and hold my head in pain as my headset was overloading. The sheer amount of people in combination with the amount of cellphone usage going on was going to fry the circuits in my headset. As I stood off on the side of one of the entryways I was approached by someone, with my headset flipped up I didn't get a notice they were coming toward me. The voice was just loud enough for me to hear over all the noise and enough to make me jump in my skin.

    “Hey are you alright? You look like you're in pain.” Turning around I came face to face with a boy just about my height, he had black hair and a grey zip up hoodie. Without my headset I couldn't make note of this conversation.

    “… uh yeah too much noise… uh gives me… well puts me… ehh… I mean there is a lot of interference for my headset.” I laughed sheepishly, human interaction is definitely not my strong suit. The boy looked rather confused and I didn’t blame him I was muttering gibberish for Odin's sake. The fire building in this situation was quelled immediately when the loudspeaker dinged.

    Evander Glasow please proceed to the presenter's stage. Evander Glasow to the presenter's stage.” The person called out over the intercom. I felt the urge to crap my pants and I wish I didn't have to leave my cat back in Boston. I could really use my emotional support animal to calm me right now. Trying to hide the fact I was scared out of my mind I turned back to the boy.

    “Sorry…up next must go. Nice to uh… meet you?” I waved him off before grabbing my bag fighting the hordes of people blocking my path. My attempts to say excuse me went unnoticed before the voice came back over the intercom.

    Would Evander Glasow please proceed to the presenter's stage? Evander Glasow to the presenter’s stage.” I started to panic my claustrophobia was getting to me on top of my worry about getting to the stage on time. I was about ready to do an external synaptic net dive when some people skirted by making a clear exit path for me to get to the stage. Almost toppling to the floor in an awkward run I landed at the feet of a man in a nice suit and dress shoes. My eyes traveled upward to see a shocked face looking down at me before stretching an arm out to help me up. I awkwardly took his hand as he helped me off the floor.

    “Th-thanks oh and uhm I'm here to uh… give my presentation. I'm Evander.” The awkwardness dripped off my words like ice cream melting off a cone on a hot day. I was embarrassed to say the least. The man in front of me turned nodding to a woman sitting at a table with some papers in front of her before motioning me to follow him up to the stage. The closer we got to the stage the lower my stomach dropped. If it were a physical thing I'd be tripping over it like shoelaces. Which is why I never wear any. Walking up the small stairs I looked out to see the sheer size of the audience my heart was racing at how nervous I felt. The man walked over to a microphone on the stage proceeding to tap it a few times.

    “Attention everyone I would like you all to give a warm Sfit welcome to our next presenter. Coming all the way here from Boston its Evander Glasow presenting her idea for a more connected world!” My stomach was now trailing behind me it was so low. The applause from the crowd was so loud in combination with the intense energy in the room that made me want to go curl up in my hotel room and hope this day would end. But as they say the show must go on. Taking a deep breath I walked out on to the stage setting my bag down unzipping it pulling out my computer and my large external hard drive. Plugging the computer into the power strip I set it down on the table both provided for me. After its usual five second boot up screen I typed in the password feeling all eyes boring down on me. I felt sweaty, very sweaty. It was a cough that made me turn around to look at the audience. My jaw dropped there were so many people there! I nervously shuffled over to the microphone lowering the stand to my height pulling out my notecards.

    “…Uh hey my name is Evander Glasow and I'm going to… present to the very large crowd in front of me… my uh… project that I spent… six years developing…,” I then heard the ping in my headset to let me know my computer was ready, “Ok before I uh… give my presentation… I'm going to have to ask a small favor… if you have a cellphone can you pretty please turn it off for like… I don’t know… ten minutes maybe? It'll interfere with my equipment thank you for your cooperation,” I heard the groans come from the audience as I shuffled through my notecards, “Ok so my name is… we covered that…” I was probably physically shaking in my boots before I looked down to see the two boys from earlier, the taller one I believe was Tadashi did a deep breath motion, following his example I dropped my notecards and they scattered all over the stage. I wanted to cry. People started walking away and the man in the suit looked disappointed. I looked down remembering what my dad said to me before I boarded my plane. I took another deep breath flipping my headset down as the built in projector in my laptop fired up showing my view of the whole room. “…Welcome to life manager. The device that is better than your smart phone, the device that isn't just a part of your life it is your life!” Blinking my left eye I brought up the menu screen.

    “Isn't this just a cheap Google glass rip off?” All the confidence I just had left my body with what was left of my stomach. Taking another deep breath I closed the menu using my headset to scan the crowd to see the heckler. It was a man with his small son on his shoulders. The possible options menu appeared the more vulgar options were blurred out. I went with the most obvious choice to tell him what was wrong with him. The audience look shocked at the projector screen.

    “But sir how much does Google glass cost? Would Google glass tell you how to deal with a heckler?  I should tell you that your fly is down and your right shoelace is untied. Your son is also urinating on your neck,” Some people stepped to the side giving me a better view of the man who was walking away to the bathroom with a crying child and pee streaming down his back, “Life manager is the device to help you better yourself. Most people would often ask you to change yourself Life Manager just improves on what's already there to make a better you. How it does this you ask?” I blinked my left eye again pulling up my slides the one displayed was a 3-D rendition of the microchip in my headset.

    “The microchip scans your brain waves whenever you make a thought it then scans the whole internet in less than a second to come up with potential options for every situation you encounter. It can record and makes notes of things in your everyday life that the device thinks you may forget. Lost keys or wallet? Located in seconds. It can take pictures of whatever you're looking at any time like so,” I took a picture of the audience,  “When meeting new people the device scans the person searching the internet trying to find a better way to say hello or how are you. It also runs them through the compatibility program to tell you chances of friendship or for a relationship.” I picked a random person in the audience and scanned them, “As you can see that guy rings in with 4% for a relationship but a 6% for friendship. The program's max percentage is 10% by the way I like working with small numbers.” The screen changed to the street I was looking at when I approached the school.

    “Waiting for trains and busses is a breeze as the device scans the bus stop and the road to tell you when the vehicle is coming. Life manager also gives turn by turn directions to any location you can think of and gives you the shortest path possible. The device can help you hide in dangerous situations in case of natural disasters or even if someone is chasing you. It can also alert local authorities if needed. The life manager learns both with and from you the longer you wear it. If you ever thought you couldn't make a better you then give the Life Manager a try.” I took a bow not looking at the audience dreading the oncoming boos and rude comments. The stunned silence was enough to make me cry but when I looked up the slow quiet silence evolved in roars and cheers. All of this was because of my dad.

    “I love you and I've never been more proud of you. Now go show those fancy San Fransokyo nerds who can build a computer!”

Big Hero 6 Cherry Bomb Chapter 1
I am Evander Glassow and I present to you my story of going from a basement computer in Boston to being thrust into a world unlike any other, San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, where I have to interact humans on a physical level. With social anxiety is there room for me at the school? Why do you want to be my friends? Leave me alone! Wait I'm sorry I don't want to be alone...


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