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Prince Zuko portrait

this is a tribute for the failed Avatar: The Last Airbender movie,
i was looking fwd to a bishi zuko that looks like the anime, but it never came *sads* so I decided to make myself feel better, and paint my version of zuko :D

photoshop cs4 extended still with my old A5 bamboo tablet

*note: it's still unfinished and i have no idea when i'll find time to finish it :( so for the moment, it'll just be a plain headshot.


Hi guys :D I'm almost done with this painting ... and I'll repost it soon.

*For those who faved this version ... I'm sorry but I'll be overwriting it to the renewed version. If anyone would like me to repost a headshot like this one, I will repost it again. I'll have 2 versions of the finished painting. sorry for the inconvenience

thanks hope u enjoy ^^

and here's the renewed version. enjoy :D
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This is amazing, and perfect! I know how you feel I was disappointed too, with the whole movie really.
drakonosirdis's avatar
This is amazing :love: I love how you did his eyes, truly a beautiful work :clap:
Waoow's avatar
I really do feel sorry for zuko he suffered a LOT... It's really hurting My heart.
Desdemona-Lethe's avatar
I totally agree! I was absolutely disappointed in the Zuko for the movie! D:
TheFancyDerpCake's avatar
-clap- -clap- clap- Nice job. YOu are truly talented.
flameheart10's avatar
Wow, this is really cool and awesome! Fantastic job! :heart: :D
MapleAndAnimeCrazy's avatar
Ah I spent ages looking for this drawing since I remember seeing it years ago! This was how he should have looked in the film :) The shading is virtually flawless and so smooth, yet the detail is really precise and I absolutely adore how you have done his eyes. Really brilliant job! :)
Veljiak's avatar
I love it! Such a wonderful tribute! ^_^
MagicalLily3's avatar
WOW. Simply stunning :)
ChristineWay18's avatar
his eyes are so beautiful. i love it
tonydraws's avatar
Love it. I never did care much for Aang or the others but loved watching Zuko and Uncle Iroh. And can understand his past..... My scar is a little less visible (on my leg) but I know where he is coming from.

This is the best version of him I have seen so far. X )
I wanted to thank you for drawing this picture, it has inspired me to start drawing. This portrait of Zuko is truly a masterpiece.
FreyWillhazen's avatar
aww im so happy to hear that. thank youuu \^____^/
Banzai9's avatar
This is so beautiful as is! I don't think it needs anything else! I agree with you, the movie was so disappointing! This is how I love to imagine Zuko too. He is my favorite character in the series, because out of all the characters, his transformation and redemption is the most meaningful to me personally. Thank you for this portrait. OK if I use it as wallpaper?
FreyWillhazen's avatar
thanks for the compliment :D
and sure u can use it as wallpaper. I appreciate you asking me b4 u use my art. thanks for tht too ^_^
liui-aquino's avatar
hello Freywillhazen...

I really like this version of Zuko... So awesome!
Last October 2, 2011, I cosplay'ed Zuko and I used this version as one of my guides for my cosplay w/ a 3 months preparation... I tried my best to make it as accurate as I can (specially with the armor costume in the cartoon series) but unfortunately, I had a very hard time making it possible, so i did my own version... and posted this photo that u created together with my photo in my fanpage... I really like this Zuko version that's why I borrowed this photo... Hope U dont mind... and hope you'll not get Mad/Annoyed with my cosplay.
(Just a Fan =)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU very much for this Zuko version u created.

"Here is the link"

FreyWillhazen's avatar
hi there. cool cosplay ^_^ no I dont mind u using my painting as a reference.
and I appreciate the fact that u informed me about it.
I think its sweet that u were inspired by my painting. thanks :)
so, it's no problem at all.
liui-aquino's avatar
Wohw! Thank you so much! You're the Coolest! yey!
~Domo Arigatou >_<
FreyWillhazen's avatar
hehe no worries. どいたしまして
liui-aquino's avatar
Thank you and by the way, we mention you in the caption of our Firenation Fun Video / costume documentation in Youtube... THANKS AGAIN!

FreyWillhazen's avatar
good job :D everything looks awesome from the vid
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