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Dragon Age Epilogue

Sooo, I had this vision in my head of drawing this fantastic painting of my Dragon Age: Origins ending, with a background and all...

Ehhh, I didn't get any further than this...but it DOES have a background tho, hahahehe ahem...

So Alistair and my PC are hiding away from the everyday bustle of King and Queenship. Dog has orders to lead anybody asking for them on a wild goose chase haha!
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KolusBonus approves +1.000 ;)
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I love it!
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Very Lovely ^_^ I really love the expressions
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Thank you. ^_^
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Best Bioware game, ever!
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^Seconded. 8D

Lovely drawing. My human warrior is also paired with Alistair. Wouldn't be surprised if Fergus decides to look into it post-game. XD

Also, am I the only one thinking a Mass EffectxDragon Age crossover would be awesome? ^^;
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No you are not! Woweee, that would be aaaawesome. :nod:
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Simply amazing! :heart: Willows are such great trees to hide under and snoggle. :giggle:
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Yay, you could tell it was willow tree! :heart:
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It's not really hard to recognize it as such, you know? ;) Or am I the only one?
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To me it looks like someone just gone "Laalalaa up and down strokes with various shades of green laaaaaa!" which is no surprise as that is, infact, what I did... :blush:

I stink at drawing backgrounds, mostly because I dislike doing so (booooriiiing). Which means I'm not that good at it, lol. So when anybody can recognize what it actually suposed to be I go "Wooohoooo!" =D
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For being drawn from the wrist it looks amazingly precise. :wow: You have to be pretty thick not to see the willow here. ^_^

I know what you mean. ;P When I was drawing in my younger years, the most annoying part was coming up with a background. Damn, I hated it. x)
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I only understood about 3 words of your description of the piece.

Anyways, it's nice. I like the background and the obvious affection between the two present in it.
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Ooo, which ones? I'll use them more often! ^_~

Glad ya like it. ^_^
Nice :) Basically the same letting Anora rule but now with the royal status :nod:
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Nice, I haven't actually finished a complete Anora for Queen run yet.
Should be interessting! ^_^
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that's a much better place for being romantic and much more! :XD:

It's great. I love the highlights of light! :D
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Haha, riiiight!
Glad ya like, thanks. ^_^
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hopefully Alistair closes his eyes during the kisses...

I hate it when Morrigan has her eyes open... :XD:
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Eeek, that's kinda creepy actually...and so totally what I expected of Morrigan, lol.

Hmm, all my characters that have kissed Alistair so far have pretty fluffy hair so I really can't see his face during kissing. But he _does_ do a very cute squint and close his eyes while getting in range so to speak. Aaaaadorable! XD
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