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Yeah. So there are apparently a whole bunch of posters about Blue Popo, which I swear to god I thought was a joke at first, but most of them seem to be focusing on the fact that 4kids are a bunch of fucktards who censor things for no apparent reason, which I'll admit is true, but I think they really overlook how stupid the censors think we are not to notice that it's an extremely lazy edit that only complete morons would miss.
Hence, this poster.
In Japan's defense, they really had no way of knowing this was racially insensitive at the time Dragon Ball Z was being written.
In 4Kids defense . . .
You know what, I'm not even going to try.
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Blue Popo: "Hello, I am Blue Popo. I am better refined with FCC regulations, and I replace the formerly racially insensitive Mr Popo."

Mr Popo: "Okay, what the hell is this?!"

Blue Popo: "Oh, hello my crass counterpart. I am Blue Popo, and I...."

Mr Popo: "No."
Blue Popo: "I beg your pardon?"
Mr Popo: "Prepare to be assimilated."

Blue Popo: "Whatever do you mean?"
(Mr Popo's Black Absorbing Smoke of Doom engulfs him.)
Blue Popo: "Oh God No! NO! NOOOOO!!! KAAAMIIIII!!!!!"
Mr Popo: (laughs manically).
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Or course he was never intended to look racist in the first place.
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I know that, yes.  Different culture borrowing the iconography of our own, not realizing the implications of said iconography.  It happens.
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I'm agree,also of all of the colors in the universe why they choose blue?Gray is more fiting for Popo
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They were probably trying to make him seem like the Genie from Disney's Aladdin.  You know, mooching off popularity?

Only, the thing is, Popo's been black for over a decade and everybody knows it.  Especially the fanbase that merits this this show getting a remake and rerelease in the first place.  They're not fooling anybody and it's not going to make the controversy go away.
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well mr popo DID only have one tooth when drawn... or was it two teeth...?

I don't really understand why 4kids have to work and censor everything when they could have gone the lazy way; rate the show TV-PG and only censor violence, language and nudity.
Freyad-Dryden's avatar
That's not the way 4Kids works. They're a part of the "Old Guard" in TVLand; the part that believes that anything foreign or even slightlypossiblymaybepotentially offensive needs to be removed from television, or people won't like it. It's an outdated philosophy that, in a globalized society, stands out like a sore thumb.
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I don't think 4kids is any part of an "old gaurd". At least not anything older than 25 years.
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I meant in terms of philosophy. And the culture has changed considerably in the past 25 years. Movies and TV have a history of not keeping up very well.
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So... 4kids think just because a GENIE has black skin people would find that offensive......? :iconthefuckplz:
Freyad-Dryden's avatar
No, it's because it bears a similarity to this: [link]
Which is still an incredibly stupid reason to go censoring things.
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Ah yes I know of blackface... I learned about it after Jynx...
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Basically, it's just a studio trying to pretend something that was, in its time, a major part of film and entertainment never happened because it's an uncomfortable reminder that not all of history is pretty.
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prepare to be assimilated
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How many blue genies watch DBZ? Hes not raciest 4kids needs to get a life! First Rice balls becoming sandwichs and now this! Cartoon Network kept him black. Why not 4kids?! -.- Stuiped poeple!
dragongirl383's avatar
Rice balls became sandwiches??? O_O
Karljna's avatar
In Pokemon. Because Riceballs are affective.
dragongirl383's avatar
That's....just wrong.....i mean....not like they're IN JAPAN or anything like that.....
Karljna's avatar
4kids sucks. They think everything is affective. I swear they think their own desk is affective XD They need to get a life and keep the anime's the way they were made!
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Now they're just being racist to smurfs! Those poor little blue guys have feelings to! :(
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The fact is, MR POPO IS NOT A SMUF IN ANY WAY!!!!!!
MyMeloGal2's avatar
Lol I know, and he's not a human in anyway, stupid 4kids :XD:
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