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Raritan Marine Hose Professionals Talk About How to Endure That Pesky Downwind Battle & Replica Ship Sailing… RaritanMarine Hose Specialists Discuss the Trick to Not Letting the Downwind Defeat You Raritan Engineering your marine hosedistributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to endure that pesky downwind battle. Your marine hose suppliers share how the game downwind is all about constant pressure. The more constant, the less overall pressure you will need to maintain speed. The trick is to avoid cycling between too much pressure and not enough, making all the right responses but over correcting, until the driver and trimmer are locked in a vicious game of chasing their tails. How to Depower Depow ering techniques include flattening sails, increasing twist, and reducing angle of attack; these are the first steps in dealing with increasing winds. When these methods are not sufficient, stronger measures are called for. There are several ways to reduce pounding. First, add twist to your trim for a wider steering groove. This will allow you to steer around the biggest waves. Next, change speeds. Sometimes sailing faster will smooth out the ride, as you power through the waves. Ease sails a bit, and bear off a couple degrees. Another option is to slow down. If the boat is leaping off the waves, then shorten sail and slow down to keep the boat in the water. Another option to consider is picking a new destination. Do you really need to go upwind in these big waves? Let's reach off and go somewhere else! Adjust Your Speed As mentioned above, sometimes slowing down a little can dramatically improve the motion and comfort of the boat. At other times, addin g power and speed to help you steer around the biggest waves can improve the ride. Roller Reefing Roller reefing genoas make it possible to shorten sail without changing jibs, a nice convenience especially when short-handed. Foam or rope luffs and other refinements have vastly improved reefed sail performance, but the shape of a reefed genoa will still not be as good as an unreefed one. Two Jib Inventory Look at all your marine products choiceshere at Raritan Engineering, where we always take care of your marine sanitation supply needs. A sail inventory that includes a full sized genoa and a smaller working jib can provide a great boost in performance, control, and comfort in heavy air. Tacking and Jibing in Heavy Air The waves that come with big winds can make basic maneuvers challenging. When tacking, look for a relatively smooth spot, and start your turn as the bow climbs a wave. Push the helm over so that the next wave will push the bow down onto the new tack. Once under control, unroll the jib again. Use a winch to control the roller furling line while easing it out, as the load will be too great to handle barehanded. What to Watch Out for When Motor Sailing Make sure cooling water is pumping through the engine. On some boats, the water intake will lift out of the water when heeled. Violent pitching can also allow air into fuel line, which can stall the engine, and may require a bleed to get it going again. Also to be avoided is motoring across a beam sea, as that can lead to violent rolling, or even a broach. Tall ship replicas of Columbus' Nina and Pinta sailing into Muskegon Replica tall ships the Nina and the Pinta will make a five-day stop in Muskegon next month. The museum ships belonging to The Columbus Foundation will be docked at Heritage Landing from Aug. 25 thr ough Aug. 29. Tours of the ships will be offered daily. The 65-foot Nina is the most historically accurate Christopher Columbus replica ship ever built, according to the Foundation. The 85-foot Pinta is another replica Columbus ship. Both ships are examples of caravel ships that were built in the 15th century by the Portuguesefor exploration of the Atlantic Ocean. The Nina and the Pinta were part of Columbus' expedition to the New World in 1492. Columbus sailed the Nina more than 25,000 miles on three voyages. Don't forget to purchase your marine hose hereat Raritan Engineering, your marine sanitation supply expert. via Dealing with the Downwind Battle viaHeavy Weather Sailing Techniques via Tall ship replicas of Columbus' Nina and Pinta sailing into Muskegon The post Raritan Marine Hose Professionals Talk About How to Endure That Pesky Downwind Battle & Replica Ship Sailing appeared first on .…

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