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Boat Engine Parts Analysts Show You How to Get Your Coffee Fix While Boating… Your Boat Engine Parts Experts Help You Figure Out How You'll Make Coffee On Your Boat Stainless Marine your boat engine parts professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to get your coffee fix while boating. Your boat engine part analysts know that there are a number of things to consider when deciding how you'll make coffee in your boat's galley. Your marine engine parts online experts feel that no one system is right for everyone. The only method that I don't recommend is trying to use a 12 volt coffeemaker.  Everyone I've ever known who has tried one, and every review I've ever read, says that they take way too long to brew a pot of coffee. Considerations in Making Boat Coffee Before looking at the various possibilities for making coffee on a boat, let's first ask a few questions.  The answers to these will help determine which system is best for your situation. How much coffee do you need to make at a time? A typical ceramic mug or insulated cup holds 12 to 16 ounces, while most coffee pots are labeled in 6-ounce cups (a few consider 4 ounces to be âone cupâ). Is electricity available and are you willing to use it for coffee? Your marine engine performance parts specialists understand that electric coffeemakers typically draw 800 watts (more on initial start up) and so won't run off the small inverters that you plug into a cigarette lighter. Will you primarily be making coffee at a dock, at anchor or while underway? Some methods will make coffee in almost any conditions, while others are best only in calm waters. Your Boat Engine Parts Specialists Feel That You Must Be Active In Making Your Coffee You can find more information as well as get assistance on marine boat parts and on how to get your coffee fix while boating at Stainless Marine. Do you want a hands-off operation or are you willing to be more active in making your coffee? Your marine boat parts Your marine boat parts professionals know that some methods require constant attention, others require timing, and others can be started and left. How long are you going to want to keep your coffee hot? Will you have a cup or two in the morning and that's it, or will you want to have another cup hours later, perhaps in the middle of a watch? No Electricity Needed: Instant Coffee Manual Drip Cone French Press Stovetop Percolator Aeropress One safety issue:  with any of the stovetop methods, you really need a gimbaled stove and pot restraints to boil water if the boat is moving at all â the dangers of a pot of boiling water tipping or sloshing are just too great. Espresso drinker?  I'm not, but several readers are.  Check out the espresso makers they like. The verdict? Your marine supplies New Orleans professionals know that they actually taste good. The cubes come in packs of fourâtwo cubes equal one cup of coffee. I actually ate all four at once, as they have a sugary coating that makes them taste like coffee ice cream. Nootrobox, the company that makes the cubes, says each cube has 50 mg of caffeine, and is supplemented with Vitamins B6 and B12, plus 100 mg of L-theanineâthe active ingredient in green tea. Stainless Marine has more information on boat engine parts, marine boat parts, boat parts online, and on how to get your coffee fix while boating. via GoCube's Chewable Coffee via Best Coffee Systems via Photo Share this:…

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