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Atlantes Freedom Marine Toilet Benefits Shown By Your Electric Toilets Experts… Your Electric Toilets Specialists Discuss the Pros of Buying Your First Atlantes Freedom Marine Toilet What is Vortex-Vac Technology? There are several ways to create a vacuum in a toilet. A traditional vacuum toilet utilizes a stored vacuum created by a positive displacement pump. Such systems require vacuum tanks and external pumps and controls. Raritan's Vortex-Vac creates its vacuum by using the vortex pump mounted inside the bowl. This creates an on-demand instantaneous vacuum eliminating the need for external vacuum pumps, tanks and other mechanical components that can fail. This makes a system that is easier to install with significant savings. Our Vortex-Vac flushing technology is also the quietest and most efficient in its class. Its low water usage also extends the useful capacity of your holding tank. Contact Raritan Engineering at … get more information and assistance regarding the Atlantes Freedom Marine Toilet. Share this:…

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