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Marine Parts Specialists Show You Crucial Maneuvers That Win Races… à Your Marine Parts Professionals Say That Winning Is Within Your Reachà Raritan Engineering Company your marine partsàanalysts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding crucial racing maneuvers that can help you to win. They Key to Better Spinnaker Sets In this series, we’ve already covered tacks and jibes. Now for a few words on spinnakers. Your marine parts experts know that for the most part, the key principles apply to both asymmetrical and symmetrical spinnakers. Get Prepared Early If you’re waiting until the weather leg to get things hooked up, you’re too late. I’m a big fan of launching from the forward hatch, just like the big boys do (even on older designs). Everything can be hooked up before the start, except for the spinnaker halyard on boats using genoas. If you have more than one spinnaker, get your tactician/speed doctor to choose a sail before the start. If you’re using a spinnaker pole, it can be hooked to the mast at the base or to a shroud with the afterguy.à Take your Time, Stay on the Rail Just as “ready about†prior to a tack is not a signal for a mass exodus from the weather rail, getting ready for a spinnaker set only needs minimal movement. Your marine parts specialists know that the last thing you want to do as you’re struggling to make the weather mark is to have crew out of position and lots of movement.à Visit us at… and see how Raritan Engineering has the best information as well as assistance on marine parts. The Magic Moment On symmetrical boats, pull the pole back to target angle as the sail is hoisted. Don’t pull too far aft. With an asymmetrical, be ready to ease the sheet as soon as it fills. It will probably be over-trimmed initially, but don’t worry. The Perfect Turn The goal is to turn smoothly from close hauled to broad reach. Turn too fast and you’ll end up too deep (with the wind too far aft). The spinnaker will blanket behind the mainsail, twist, and collapse. Turn too slowly and you won’t get down far enough.à Get the Jib Down The spinnaker will not fill until the jib is down (or at least eased and completely luffing). The lighter the air, the more important it is to get the jib out of the way. The headsail, however, can be coming down as soon as the spinnaker is more than 75 percent of the way up. Freeze! Movement kills speed. As soon as the sail fills, get in appropriate spots for the conditions: forward and leeward in light air; aft and to weather in more breeze. Then freeze! Spinnaker sets don't have to be a point of stress or downfall. Prepare, plan, stay relaxed, and let the magic happen! If you'd like to read the other articles in the series on make or break moves, check our our pieces on tacking and jibing. Click hereàand see how Raritan Engineering always has more information on marine parts. via They Key to Better Spinnaker Sets viaàPhoto Share this:…

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