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Outboard Engine Brackets Analysts Find the Right Portable Boat Heater For You…   Your Outboard Engine Brackets Experts Want You to Stay Warm on Those Chilly Nights  Stainless Marine your outboard engine brackets professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to find the right portable boat heater for you. Choosing a Portable Heater for Boating Your outboard engine brackets analysts know that whether you're a live aboard or someone who likes to spend the weekend aboard, a portable heater can be a vital accessory when temperatures fall below freezing. We took a look at three popular models. Caframo Marine DeltaMax Ceramic Heater The Warm: It has high- and low-power settings (750 and 1,500 watts) and a built-in adjustable thermostat. It uses 110-volt DC current, and it draws 14 amps. The Cool: At 67/8 inches wide by 75/16 inches tall and 71/8 inches front to back with a boxy case, it's the bulkiest to store and presents the biggest tripping hazard on a rocking boat of the trio. Comfort Zone Ceramic Utility Heater The Warm: Your marine engine performance parts professionals know that for maximum control, this unit features a four-position rotary switch for heat settings âoffâ and âfan only.â An adjustable thermostat lets you set the temperature, and the heater has a safety tip-over switch and an overheat-protection system.  The Cool: The pipe framework could be sturdier, and it could also be a tripping hazard. West Marine Portable Cabin Heater The Warm: With the lowest profile of the three, this model is only 5 inches tall, 11¼ inches long and 8 inches deep. It has three heat settings: 600 watts (2,080 Btu), 900 watts (3,120 Btu) and 1,500 watts (5,200 Btu).  The Cool: You pay a lot for older technology. Your marine products for sale analysts feel that the other two heaters have ceramic elements, and this one moves air across hot wires. How You Can Benefit from a Portable Micathermic Panel Heater This Winter Let's look at how you can benefit from a portable Micathermic panel heater this winter: 1. Easy To Carry If you want a portable heater, Micathermic heaters are your best bet. Most heaters are too large and heavy to carry around. The compact frame allows you to carry the heater almost anywhere. All you need is a power socket and you are good to go. Almost all heaters nowadays are quite energy efficient, but Micathermic heaters are better. There are many reasons for this. Before looking into the reasons why Micathermic heaters are more energy efficient than other heaters, you will need to understand how other heaters work. Your Outboard Engine Brackets Specialists Help You Sort Through Your Many Options You can find more information as well as get assistance on marine performance parts and on how to find the right portable boat heater for you at Stainless Marine.  Other types of heaters have elements which heat up and then a blower transmits energy to the room. Your marine performance parts experts feel that some types of heaters transmit heat directly from the element to the room but heat up other items in the room. Moreover, these heaters have to work hard to maintain a steady temperature inside the room. The best part about Micathermic heaters is that the heating element inside is not large. Your marine supplies near me experts know that the only purpose of the heating element is to provide heat to the mica stone. 3. Quiet Heating Convection heaters are quite easy to use and provide good heating in insulated rooms. But the one potential downside is the fan blower. The heat in standard convection heaters needs to be transmitted by a blower. If you use this heater at night, you will hear some noise coming from it. If you consider Micathermic heaters, you will realize they are by far the most silent heaters on the market. The only âworking componentsâ in these heaters are the element and the mica stone. 4. Compact Frame The typical heaters people commonly use in their homes are bulky. Not only are these heaters large, they are heavy as well. This makes them rather inconvenient. Another issue is moving them from one place to another if you need heating in another room. This is where Micathermic heaters are the best thing you can get for your home. Micathermic heaters do not have a complex infrastructure. The only working components of a mica heater are the mica stone and a small heating element. The element heats the stone and the stone uses electromagnetic rays to heat the room. 5. Air Remains Comfortable To Breathe When using convection heaters, the biggest problem you face is that dust in the room gets stirred up. However, this is not the only issue. In addition to the dust being stirred up, you will also have to deal with dry air. Convection heaters drive the moisture out of the air in the room. This makes the air uncomfortable to breathe. Micathermic heaters are the solution to both these issues. Since Micathermic heaters do not have a blower, there is no way they can stir up the dust particles. In addition, you will not have to worry about the moisture in the air. Micathermic heaters provide heat to the room but in a manner that the air retains some moisture.  Now that you know about the benefits that a Micathermic heater can offer, you should consider getting one for your home this winter. Stainless Marine has more information on outboard engine brackets, marine performance parts, high performance marine parts, and on how to choose the right portable boat heater for you.  via Choosing a Portable Heater for Boating via How You Can Benefit from a Portable Micathermic Panel Heater This Winter via Photo Share this:…

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