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Marine Engine Parts Experts Has Amazing Boat Thruster Tips…   Your Marine Engine Parts Specialists Know That Thrusters Are A Crucial Tool In Your Boater Box  Stainless Marine your marine engine parts professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding amazing boat thruster buying tips. Your marine engine parts analysts know that boatbuilders now offer thrusters on boats as small as 20 feet. Thrusters should not be looked upon as crutches; skippers of tugboats and large yachts use them. A thruster is simply another tool in the boater's box.  12-Volt vs. 24-Volt A 24-volt thruster will have less current draw when running and, as a result, may be installed with smaller cables. In general, we recommend 24-volt thrusters be powered via a dedicated bank of two or more batteries. Hydraulic vs. Electric Hydraulic thrusters make sense when the vessel is already equipped with an existing hydraulic system. Hydraulic thrusters don't build up heat or cut out like electric models if you lean on the switch too long. (For an exception, see below.) Internal vs. External Water-cooled, electric-powered external thrusters, like the Yacht Thruster models at the top of this page, can be run for long periods of time. They may also require less amperage and, thus, fewer batteries.  Props Biased props (that look like they came off Red October) deliver better thrust than older Kaplan-style propellers. Your marine engine parts analysts know that dual props provide more thrust, though smaller boats will do fine with a single-prop thruster. Go to and see how you can find more information as well as get assistance on marine engine parts and on amazing boat thruster buying tips at Stainless Marine. Thrust Proportional thrusters cost more but allow finer control: The more you push the joystick, the more thrust you apply. Simple on-off thrusters cost less. Remote This is an available option for most thrusters. It should be an addition to and not take the place of a hard-wired joystick or touch pad. Remote batteries can die at the wrong time, and remotes can mysteriously fall overboard. Shear Pin An internal shear pin accessible inside the hull is easier to replace than one located in the tunnel. Tunnels will suck in poly bags, mooring lines and other potentially pin-busting materials. Forewarned is forearmed. The Wind-Draft of the Boat The forces applied by the wind onto the boat can be determined by multiplying the wind pressure by the wind draft area. The wind draft area is determined by the shape and the dimensions of the superstructure. Also the wind angle is playing its part. The worst situation is created if the wind is at 90 degrees to the boat.  The Torque The torque is determined by multiplying the wind force by the distance (A) between the center of effort of the wind and the center of rotation of the boat.  The Thrust Force The bow thruster is required to apply a countering thrust force, which is at least equal to the thrust force applied by the wind.  Always bear in mind that the effective performance of a bow thruster will vary with each particular boat, as the displacement, the shape of the underwater section and the positioning of the bow thruster will always be variable factor. Learn more at Stainless Marine about marine engine parts and on amazing boat thruster buying tips. via Choosing the Right Thruster via Vetus How To Size Bow Thrusters via Photo Share this:…

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